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I had a profile on Plentyoffish, and it "disappeared" I contacted them asking what happened. No response. Several months later I posted another profile.. which disappeared. Again I contacted them, this time suggesting they may have deleted my profile because I my CD profile up there. Again... no response from them....
POF will delete anyone they think offends other members, or has more than one profile. You can write them and ask. Mine was deleted because someone misinterpreted what I wrote (I learned that I sometimes come across as nasty even though I don't intend to be that way). Took a while, but they let me back on. People over there get offended pretty easily.

w4t or the w4w Boards on a personnels service you will find out what I am talking about

w4t=woman for transsexual
Hi Bren! could you point me in the direction of a personals site where there is a category that those women advertise in? Are those women looking for MTF or FTM?? I've never seen a category like that anywhere! I have ads on several personal dating sites and don't see anything like that. Thanks!