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Thread: Shaving question from a GG

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    hiar less

    I am vrey happy to say no shaveing .... I am natually nearly 100% hairless on my body .exception my privat area and low maintenance face.a little blond fuzz on my legs is it.pits oh forget them .I grew up waiting for hair on my arms exc.. then came to realize what I allready knew.I was meant to be a girl its so nice not to worry about that,I have seen GGs with way more body hair.and lotion oohh so nice on my legs.I would not trade any of my female atributes "no hair" now for anything.rerguardless the torment I experiencd in the icky boys shower room in school.panty hose no problem,dont like-em much ,I would rather feel my skirt brushing my legs.

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    When you are used to having leg hair between you and your clothing, the sensation of not having it there any more is quite nice, and this sensation is heightened when you put on stockings. If you grow up shaving your legs, I'm sure you don't experience this sensation. I guess the closest a GG could come to this experience, would be to not shave your legs for about a year or so, and then see what it's like to shave again.

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    I have begun electrolysis to remove my facial hair because I like the smooth, silky, hair-free look and feel of a smooth face (sans whiskers).
    warmly, Linnea

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    LMAO when you put it this way it does sound funny. here is how I see it for me. when I shave my face I am looking for the smoothest look possible. closecloseclose I don't like the 5 o clock shadow look very manly. Now when I can shave my legs I love how they feel when I slide on a pair of jeans or slide into bed and they just skim across the sheets nothing dragging them down. It is a truly amazing feeling, the difference between hairy legs and smooth legs. The air, the sensitivity to touch the look But I can truly say I dont think I have ever said that out loud however makeup does look better without facial hair and lotions go on nicer without leg hair. But thanks for making me laugh. Keri

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    Facial hairs are tougher than leg hairs. When I shave my legs it is a smooth movement. When I shave my face I have to shave in different directions to make sure it is as smooth as I can get it or have a shadow early in the day. The facial hairs grow faster and thicker giving a darker complextion, the legs do not.

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    Paige, For me, shaving my face was always a huge pain in the butt. I remember using my dad's Norelco shaver when I was around 12. Facial hair wasn't allowed in school then, so shaving was a must for any boys who had more than peach fuzz. I also had terrible acne as a teen and shaving seemed to make my acne worse. After graduation I did a four year hitch in the navy and was required to be clean shaven every day. My acne was still very prevalent and shaving became a drudge. As a closet crossdresser for many years I sported a full beard so I wouldn't have to deal with my acne problem.

    Now that I am out as Jill I still find shaving my face tedious but necessary. I'm keeping my legs completely shaved now as well. I enjoy the smoothness after shaving my face and legs but still have occasional problems with zits on my face and chafing on my upper thighs. I do enjoy slipping into a pair of pantyhose with freshly shaved legs, something many GGs take for granted, but now that Jill is out, shaving my face and legs are a necessary evil.
    Luv and Jill

    Straight, into Fantasy Land

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    Good point Page. I get it!

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    I definitely think that, apart from the appearance, the sensation of air on shaved legs etc. is just fantastic. Plus it just adds to the expression of femininity and makes dressing more enjoyable. Imagine your avatar picture - which is very nice by the way - with a bunch of hair sticking out of your chest and you will see why it is important to many of us!

    There is someone on this forum (I can't remember who) who is dressed but sporting a moustache. I'm curious if that is because it is not possible for them to shave it (family, SO or similar), they don't want to shave it and are quite happy being otherwise en femme, or something else. Not criticizing, just curious.

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    When my legs are completely smooth from either waxing or shaving, the physical feeling is incredible yet somehow indescribable. Shaving my face feels great as well, but the legs feel so much better. Probably because I don't get to do it as much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr.Susan View Post
    Because you don't put hosiery on your face. Unless your robbing bank.

    It's true.
    Just another man in a dress

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    Don' Wanna Shave No Mo' !

    [SIZE="3"]I don't want to shave anymore ! Not face, nor legs or arms, nor underarms or torso...... I don't mind the work but I despise the stubble ! If I could afford it, I'd have all the hair except that which grows on my scalp lased away forever ! Then that GG of a wife of mine could no longer insist on my having a disgusting mustache....
    I am now accepting donations to this cause... Pleeze PM me if you would like to help me start a "Campaign For A Smoother Michelle" !!

    My Kingdom For A Mustache-Free Life....

    [SIZE="2"]PS: The hairy disfigurement comes off of my face this Saturday morning ! Woo-Hoo ! I will no longer have to "weather-vane" my face away from people when topping off my gas tank, and will be free, [/SIZE][SIZE=3]free, [/SIZE][SIZE=4]FREE TO ROAM[/SIZE] !!!!! T - 21 Hours, 57 minutes, and counting....

    [SIZE=2]PPS: I ain't the one pictured with a full mustache; I keep my lower face out of the camera's view while dressed....[/SIZE]
    Last edited by Michelle-Leigh; 10-15-2009 at 11:08 PM.

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    Shaving my face is a haneous task because I have to do it every day at least 3 times a day; pretty much I can shave at 7 a.m. and I already have beard shadow at 10 a.m., which for me is a pain in the arse because it means I never really have a clean shaven face even if I try. Shaving my legs on the other hand allows me to have nice shaven legs that feel smooth and sexy, which excites me because I cannot do the same with my face. You have to press harder to shave your face than you do your legs so you get irritation more on your face than legs; so it is more sensational to shave your legs than your face because of the rashes, irritation, and the speed in which facial hair grows is all irritating. Leg hair only grows back every few days, doesn't irritate as much and lotion cures most of the irritation. We don't get rashes on our legs and we can get a nice clean smooth shave on our legs, which is something we cannot do with our faces because we can never really say oh my goodness my face is silky smooth because we all would be lying.


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