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Thread: Shaving question from a GG

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    Hi Paige!
    I do not like shaving at all! I had a beard until five years ago. The thing is, I don't look that great in a dress, even less with a beard.
    So, I shave. I also shave the other parts of the body. I just "feel" better hairless. So again, I shave.

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    I shave mostly because pantyhose or tights wear better with shaved legs.. or that's my story.. have you let the hair grow on your legs and worn pantyhose or tights?? also shaving the rest of my body hair: I've never shaved my upper body hair in the winter before but this year I am.. it's a gradual thing to shave that much hair.. I'm gonna be hair free from my waist up her by the end of the month and I'm gonna try to stay that way for the next two or three months.. maybe.. just to see how it feels..
    This is what I mean by "every guy can look like a girl from the right angles".. this is one of the first pictures of me dressed up.. very vague look.. almost fem...

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    Quote Originally Posted by MlleErin View Post
    What did somebody mention, nevermind I plead the 5th...

    OK so yeah it is like this -
    Shaving the face is merely getting rid of the curse of the beard, for at least a little while. It is a chore, it doesn't feel luxurious or even sexy. The makeup feels sexy well can look that way...

    Shaving the legs feels nice but is kind of optional. there are long skirts or dark tights or whatever...

    Shaving legs is a luxury, shaving the face is a chore.
    I couldn't agree more. I think it's basically a matter of routine. When I was 15, shaving my face was the thrill of a lifetime because it was something I finally got to do. After years on end of doing the same thing, it's nothing but a chore. It's something I have to do.

    Women aren't too different. For a lot of teenage girls, make-up is a new, exciting way to look beautiful, glamorous, sexy. To a lot of adult women, make-up is a time-consuming, obligatory way to look "presentable". Which one of the two sounds more like us CDers?

    I think that most of us dress up on a sporadic basis, so it never has time to become routine. That keeps it "special" in our minds for a lot longer. A few of our lucky sisters, though, dress quite regularly, or even full-time. I wouldn't be surprised if their answers were similar to other GGs.
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    I hate shaving my face but somehow shaving my legs relaxes me and makes me feel more comfortable.

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    To tell you the truth, other than the top of my head ,their isn't a spot on my body that I don't wan't shaved!

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    I feel that a totally hairless body is just, ultimately, so feminine. Haven't had hair anywhere below the neck for over 30 years now. Why shave the legs? Put on a pair of sheer nylons without shaving them. When I first started I wore two pairs of nylons and panty hose over that. I did a good job of hiding the leg hairs but was a bit warm and uncomfortable. Once I shaved my legs and put on a pair of nylons - it looked jusy exquisiye. Haven't had leg, chest, arm or underarm hair since. Epilate it all. Want to look as much like a woman as possible. Don't want any body hair to mar the image.

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    I have to shave my face

    And no matter how close a shave, it will never be GOOD ENOUGH. If I could make my face look like my legs after a shave, maybe I would be ecstatic about how pretty it was too!


    "Genius is the recovery of childhood at will." Rimbaud

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    Just had a shaving discussion with my wife the other day. We were in a movie -slumdog- and she said that I need to shave I said I know I really should just lazer it off or have electrolosis then i wouldn't have to deal with it anymore. She agreed!

    We talked about body hair ( She likes me to have some hair in the summer but doesn't mind me shaving durring the fall winter spring months and she is especially fond of my stomach hair which she has made me keep year round well I said that I'll let my body hair grow for the summer as long as I get to be totally nude all winter!! She agreed

    The hair on my head is now long enough to put in a pony tail or put up all because She agreed

    Born female intended

    " Don't die with your music still in you!"

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    way out there!
    Hadn't really thought about whether shaving my face was the same kinda thrill as shaving the rest of me, so thought I'd shave with that question in mind and give it a try...

    Ya know what? Sometimes it is!

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    LMFAO!!! You just made my day! Of course, all of my co-workers just asked me what was so funny and headed for my desk to find out. Thanks for nearly outting me!
    I'm so far back in the closet that I'm finding Christmas presents!

    "Women often don't seem to have a problem with us, as long as we're not romantically involved with them of course." - goofus

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paige. View Post
    What is the difference between shaving your face and shaving your legs?

    I am curious because I have never read a post that says something like "OMG, I just shaved my face again. My cheeks feel incredibly smooth and sexy and I was so turned on the whole time. It must be the 6,143rd time for me and my make-up is going to look so good."

    I don't mean to mock, but when you want to dress you shave your face to look pretty and feminine. But it isn't the same as doing your legs is it? Is it because a beard is strictly a male thing and leg shaving is a female thing? Can anyone enlighten me?
    Perhaps it's a habit thing. Men typically have to shave their face every day since puberty, and therefore it doesn't feel special any more. Shaving the legs, on the other hand, is probably not an every day occurrence for those who like to talk about how smooth and silky they feel.

    Basically, what I'm saying is that I doubt you will find any CD's on here who shave their legs on a regular basis, and make posts about how special it feels.

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    Shaving face is a chore, shaving legg's is heaven
    From Madrid to Montreal that underneath it all that Tina prefers pantyhose

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    What's the difference?

    Quote Originally Posted by Paige. View Post
    What is the difference between shaving your face and shaving your legs?... I don't mean to mock, but when you want to dress you shave your face to look pretty and feminine. But it isn't the same as doing your legs is it? Is it because a beard is strictly a male thing and leg shaving is a female thing? Can anyone enlighten me?
    Others have made similar replies but, for me, each step toward creating or improving the feminine illusion is exciting.

    Shaving my face to go to work is no big deal. But, for me, shaving as the step prior to applying makeup IS different because it's part of creating the illusion.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Sally24 View Post
    That is true. I don't have much hair for the 5 or 6 inches above my ankles anymore. Wish it would continue up the whole leg!
    When does this start to happen? I'm looking forward to it. So far my experience has been that the hair has been marching down my legs very thickly and has now got as far as my toes.

    Today I shaved my legs for the first time, and needless to say it was a long process. The feeling is wonderful though.

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    Ok from a gg this may not be the answer you are looking for but....I read recently in Cosmo that a man's skin 70% more sensitive than a womans....which made total sense to me. Because I have never paid much attention to how the material of clothes felt....if I liked it and it looked good on i wore it!!! But my CD bf really likes the way hose or silky material feel....which after some thought I realized he was right they do feel really good on your skin. So to you question/comment about shaving in my opinion that is why males or females for that matter enjoy freshly shavin legs!!

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    I epilate my legs and I shave my face. I found a "body hair electric shaver" on which I'll probably order one of those soon. I used to epilate my face once in awhile but it leaves a pink burn for awhile and I don't like the idea of scarring and burning my face and having to go to an emergency room. I shave every day with both a rotary electric and cosmetology clippers. I'm thickly bearded with patchy/dry/oily skin.

    I actually do shave 2 or 3 times in one day. I'm hoping that eventually I'll be good enough with makeup to cover up that "5 o'clock shadow". It may sound strange to some people but I wish I was born without quite so much body hair and if I could have my choice of female traits you could mark me down for NO facial hair. Don't anybody get me wrong. I'm a happy person.

    But here and there we have all have a few little things like that and all in all I wish the hair gremlins hadn't given me quite so much of the Lon Cheney stuff on my legs,chest and face.

    Samantha B L

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    The difference between face and legs

    First the face:
    I started shaving at 11 and it has been an everyday thing since, clothing seldom touches my face save for a sock hat in the winter and I am use to the feeling of a smooth face. It is nothing special.
    For the legs:
    I started shaving at 45
    I have usually have some kind of clothing on my legs and before I shaved them the hair on my legs kept the fabric from touching my skin, even a worm breeze would touch the hair on my legs first and the skin second. Shaving my legs removes that insulating layer of hair and introduces me to a very new feeling now with my legs smooth I feel everything jeans, air, hose, and anything else I put on my lower half it is an entirely new and special feeling . Smooth is one thing I mean it really feels nice and even in my work uniform the physical feeling of having smooth legs makes life a little more enjoyable. Now add Lotion and you have smooth and soft and this is an entirely new feeling and I like it.
    So the major difference is that I use to not feeling things on the skin of my legs because of the hair that insulated them form everything and now that I know the difference I prefer the feeling I get from having smooth and soft legs to having legs covered with hair.
    Does this help?

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    Hi Paige:
    I hate Shaving, I hate face and body hair. But for me shaving my legs is sexier than face. I have to shave my face daily, and I hate it!
    When getting prep for a CD night I love the result of having a hairless body, the softness and the feel of moisturizing my legs and body is awesome!, but the shaving is the bad part of it all. I am thinking of getting a face hair removal, but still investigating which system is best.
    With Love and Kisses...


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    This morning while shaveing, I couldn't help to think of this thread and laugh. I do agree, I don't keep my legs shaved but have done it several times. SO doesn't care for it much. So just play as I can. But as for the question why doesn't it do the same for one as the other. I guess it is the mind set that a guy who normally has the status quo hairy legs, is turning off the man side and gearing to the girl side. Which for me is fun...
    No, those are my Panties]

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    When I first started shaving my legs it was very exciting. Exactly why, I never really figured out. Maybe because it was different and kind of taboo. Maybe because it was an outward manifestation of cd'ing. Maybe a little fear of how I would explain it if I were asked. Whatever, after doing it for years it HAS become just like shaving my face. Too bad , I could use a little harmless excitement.


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    Well I've just shaved my legs for the first time a few days ago! Have to say it felt very weird having smooth legs, but it made me feel so much more like a girl! Especially once I pulled my tights on

    I ended up getting a bit carried away and shaved my arms too! This may prove to be an issue as I always wear tshirts, or have my shirt arms rolled up at work. 4 days so far and noone has noticed though...


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    Shaving your face is something you have no choice but to do boy or girl. It grows more quickly than you can do anything about. Nothing like shaving your body so you can wear pretty, girly things and feel them slide on your smooth body, which is very erotic. Face shaving is just a chore period, man or woman. Nothing sexy about it. Big pain in the ass no matter what. Would love it if it was not something I never had to do ever again, CD or not. I hate shaving my face everyday more than I can tell you.

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    waxing/plucking the beard instead of shaving

    I hate shaving my face - to the point that I wore a full beard from 1991 to 2007. My beard is finally white/gray so when I do shave, I no longer need to do "beard cover" as the first step in a total transformation. Even so, the feeling of sandpaper-face after half a day takes a lot of fun out of crossdressing.

    But waxing/plucking the beard is a whole 'nother thing. If I grow my beard long enough to get a good grip on it, I can clear my whole face in less than 2 hours. The FEEL of a silky smooth face for at least a week afterward is HEAVENLY and DEEPLY SATISFYING.

    I notice from the boy pix of "sisters" that many grow a beard between their appearances en femme. SO I suspect I'm not the only one who does the waxing/plucking thing.
    What's between your legs and what you like to do with it is your business, not mine. Please give me the same courtesy.
    Everyone who refers to sexuality as a preference reveals their own bisexuality.
    I hope to live long enough to see a time when one's sexuality or gender identity is no more important than one's religion or politics.
    DO link up with your local support group. It's an easy way to meet similar people, help others, educate the public and be part of the political process.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paige. View Post
    What is the difference between shaving your face and shaving your legs?

    I am curious because I have never read a post that says something like "OMG, I just shaved my face again. My cheeks feel incredibly smooth and sexy and I was so turned on the whole time. It must be the 6,143rd time for me and my make-up is going to look so good."

    I don't mean to mock, but when you want to dress you shave your face to look pretty and feminine. But it isn't the same as doing your legs is it? Is it because a beard is strictly a male thing and leg shaving is a female thing? Can anyone enlighten me?

    Because its just not done!

    ts just a soctioal and culutural tabbo!

    It us not done!

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    To walk this mile... First, grow a beard.

    >>I don't mean to mock, but when you want to dress you shave your face to look pretty and feminine. But it isn't the same as doing your legs is it? Is it because a beard is strictly a male thing and leg shaving is a female thing? Can anyone enlighten me?

    You make an assumption here that everyone reading your question shaves to dress to look pretty and feminine. By now you may have noticed many don't shave their face at all - and some, many more probably, shave neither face OR legs as part of "doing their thing" when they finally get a chance... They just get on with it, and shaving first is just not on their check list.

    I shave twice a day because my facial hair is thick and uncomfortable, crossdressing be damned, so long as I keep shaving daily - a cultural/work requirement for many men, and, perhaps even some women.

    Facial hair is most troublesome for the first few days it grows. You can feel the root thickening and pushing the skin up and out of the way. This sensation of thousands of pin-pricks is not pleasant. However, if you wait three or four days, that feeling goes away and after a few months, you have your own personal neck muffler. Now, it's somebody else's problem, not yours.

    Except that... It's hot, now IT needs to be trimmed, and, some people seem to find grabbing it a handy way to get your attention - which hurts because each hair is still connected to your skin!

    Note also that facial hair is packed much more closely together than leg hair. If leg hair was as dense, that feeling of needing to shave after a week or so that you have now would be a hundred times more intense.

    Given how poorly it feels to be only a day or so into a growing beard, I do say, "OMG, I just shaved and it feels great!" Such statements are tempered, however, down to a resigned, "Well, great, now I get to do this all over again this afternoon - after I feel it grow all day until it becomes bothersome about five." Yep, the five o'clock shadow... Right on time.

    Over all, my feelings about body hair have nothing to do with crossdressing. First, so long as I have to shave, I find it annoying to have to irritate myself twice a day. I would gladly use any cream that would permanently remove it - but for the fact such a cream would probably remove the skin too! Second, it just seems weird to have this forest of hair all over my body. What's it for? What good does it do? It's unsightly, to me, and generally useless.

    I've been crossdressing most of my life - and crossdressing has it charms... But, I shave my face and legs mostly because, if I have to shave at all, my body hair feels better and looks better (to me) than not shaving. Keeping it short to me is the same as keeping myself clean. I feel better and I think it's better for me. I can live with it, OK, but I prefer to live without it.

    As to all the comments about how sexy it feels, how silky the slips feel, etc... Folks, try wearing these clothes for an entire day, or, an entire week. At some point you will forget you have them on. When women don't "get" how men could get anything out of wearing dresses, etc., it's because they are so used to it - for all sorts of reasons - that they question seriously if what you're doing is about clothes at all. "You can't be serious - it's just clothes!"

    Yes, and a station wagon and a sports car are just cars.... And, some places are nice places to visit, but...

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