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    Well, since the Polls have are said to be "Verboten", I guess I will ask the question and hope that all that read it reply with what they think.

    Okay, when you have dreams of Crossdressing (or do you?), what is happening to you while you are dressed? Every time I am dressed, I seem to be caught by a family member (sibling) or caught out in public with out clothes on while wearing a bra and pantie. I guess it's probably out of guilt or maybe not really coming to grips with who I am just of yet. That's my take.

    Last night I dreamt that I was in a class room with a few other people. I was wearing my "guy clothes" but under-dressing but this time I had on my favorite white bra with forms underneath my long sleeve shirt. I was freaking out about someone that was sitting behind me and seeing the straps showing through. I then looked down and saw my chest and freaked out. I quickly slouched down to try and hide the "Bumps". I was so scared that someone would see this. I then woke up without being caught. Weird and wacky stuff.

    Most if not all my CD dreams are that of being caught or freaking out and worrying about being caught.

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    A real shame

    This is a great question. It is a real shame that dreams don't live up to their potential. Here you are with a great opportunity to have experiences in any kind of fantasy world and situation, experiences that momentarily feel absolutely real. What a great opportunity to have some femme fun.

    But, alas, it doesn't happen, at least not for me. Like Jennifer, my dreams are usually laden with the fears of discovery I felt in my past. It's weird, too, because I grew up not understanding crossdressing, and hating it for ten years (from age 11 to 21), then learned the truth, came to terms, came out to my family and friends--that was 17 years ago. You would think to old fears and guilt would be gone from my psyche by now.

    But no, in my dreams, I'm in some vulnerable situation where I'm in public with only female clothes, and in danger of being discovered and embarrassed by people.

    Such a waste.
    Alexis W.

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    I had one of those too.I dreamed I went next door to my neighbors and knocked on their door dressed and sleepwalking,in the dream I woke up just as they answer the door,of coarse I've never left the bed.There was another recently where people were trying to grab at my forms and saying things like"let me check those, their not real"while in the dream I'm trying to get away from them.My dreams are pretty realistic and can be quite terrifying at times.It's like I wake up and say "thank God that didn't happen".

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    I don't really dream about crossdressing. In all my dreams I am girl. Its been that way for a very long time. When I was really young I had dreams of turning into a girl but shortly after that I've never been male in a dream.
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    I rarely have CD dreams like what has been described. Almost all my dreams, CD or not, involve my darling GGF. And they are VERY VIVID!!!

    Lady on the outside, but man underneath!

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    Every time I dream of being dressed I am in a short slip and wearing high heels. (I don't even own a slip)
    There are variations on a wig and make up, sometimes yes, sometimes no.

    I'm always so afraid and so self conscious and try so hard to get away and hide, but no matter what I do, I'm seen by somebody and then soon by everybody.

    The great part is once I'm seen, nobody seems to care.

    I always wake up feeling a little empty and wanting, hoping it could really happen and not be just a dream.

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    I've had all kinds of dreams about being en femme, whether I go to bed dressed or not. Lately, I've had dreams about "being made", and instead of being apprehensive, I just have the attitude "Well tough DOO-DOO if you can't handle it!!"
    I've even had dreams of going about in a female Army Class A dress uniform, as well as going to work in heels, and I work in a paper mill!!
    They'll come and go, and if I remember them vividly, I'll laugh about them during the day, or contemplate if there's a message involved. I used to struggle with my urge to crossdress, and I considered myself a freak for wanting to. In the months before coming out at SCC 2008, I repeatedly had dreams of being in a fight, and winning every time. Since coming out, they've ceased, and here I am now!! More later, I've gotta finish getting ready for work!!
    Aaaahhhh, the FUN and joy of getting to be the girl I always WANTED to be, I love every minute of it!!!
    A chance to crossdress is a TERRIBLE thing to waste!!!

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    I don't dream about crossdressing at all.. I figure I'm living my dream!
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    Come time my dreams are of being caught and some I'm not worried about it.When I fear being caught it not by my wife but others. Maybe it's that my wife knows and others don't.

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    I rarely dream about cross dressing, but when I do it always involves being being caught out in public (in a bad way).

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    God Jennifer, I have the very same dreams - always get caught by someone - wake up sweating

    JoAnne Wheeler

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    I used to have those dreams where I'd be caught, noticed, etc.

    But since I left the closet and told everyone, my dreams are just plain fun! No more guilt, no more shame. I sleep easy... except when the dreams just get too good...!

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    I don't dream about CDing often. I have had a dream about breaking an acrylic nail when my friends and family are around and trying without success to fix it. The funny thing is, no one in my dream seemed to notice that I even had acrylic nails.

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    In my dreams in which I am dressed it usually concerns going out with my GF. Just the normal stuff, shopping and dinner.

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    Seems as if I am not alone on the dreams topic. Even though I came out to my wife last month I guess I will have these dreams until I come out to everyone. That will not happen. LOL!!! I use to be scarred that my father would find out but since he passed away two years ago, now my brothers are in my dreams and now I fear that they find out I dress (in the dreams I have). Oh well. Some of us are just destined to be in the closet and some are not.

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    Hi Jennifer

    I have also had dreams similar to yours and strangely I am always in a compromising situation when I am either dressed or partially dressed , in some dreams it has been no big deal and others it is like what is going on here , to put it mildly !

    For me I also think dreams are related to things that are on your mind or something that you have been thinking about recently , and that is not just about cross dressing.

    Sweet dreams !


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    As a GG, I had my first CD dream about a week ago! So funny!!

    I dreamed that I was out.. at the mall, or a club.. the details are foggy. I noticed a girl, and then noticed an obvious beard shadow. hmmm... "a cder, thinks I", and then, I noticed another one.. and another. It was funny, because in my dream, I was thinking to myself, "have all of these CDers been around always, or am I just now noticing them?".

    Those CDers in my dream needed to have better coverage.. or shave better. But then again, I probably only noticed them in my dream, since lurking on this forum. Other dream people may not have looked twice.

    Dreams sure are funny sometimes.

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    Girl in need of help...or is it?

    I have a dream that has repeated many times over the past 20 years.

    A car slides off the road with a woman driver. Me being the "man" I am I rush over to help her. When I get into the car to check on her she is in the back seat. I noticed she is wearing a shiny blouse and a to the ankle skirt with slits in the side. I start to run my hands over her and then just as quick as that happens I discover that it is me in the outfit.

    My wife and I never figured out what that meant. Or, if it meant anything.

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    I'd say it's pretty rare that I have dreams of crossdressing. In fact, I rarely dream about people I know at all. In what few dreams I have had that involve myself crossdressed, I'm with people who can obviously see that I'm wearing a dress or a skirt, but don't say a word about it or act like there's anything in the wrong at all. They probably don't last more than a few seconds or maybe minutes...hard to tell with dreams. But who knows? Maybe they're trying to tell me something.

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