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Thread: What's the first "really" public place you went while crossdressed?

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    What's the first "really" public place you went while crossdressed?

    Not just ducking out of the car quickly, or walking in some deserted park or parking lot -- I mean that first serious "mission." What's the first place (a business, a building, a venue) you went that was both public and populated -- a club? Mall? Restaurant? Library? Street fair or other event? -- and that was not specifically a TG or GLBT "safe haven" (support group, gay bar, etc.)? And why did you choose that particular place for your public "debut?"
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    My first time out in public dressed, was in Las Vegas. My wife did my make up, and we went to several casinos and played the slot machines.

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    First outing = gay club.

    First non-safe haven outing = a road trip, with several stops at public venues.

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    Hamilton ,Ontario (British/Canadian)
    i had no choice. it was at Limeridge mall i went in as a guy and got transformed at a salon then i had to walk through the mall to go see my shrink as mj. so my first time as a woman in the mall and to make matters worse my first time in heels he he Rookie, i was so scared. but nothing happened no big Deal at all. apart from my feet were killing me after like 15 minutes walking.
    it was my shrinks idea to see me as mj and after my first visit she wanted to see only mj.. did not see that one coming but all went well

    here my very first time as mj pose like a guy in both pictures lol


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    My first real time out in public was in the centre of Edinburgh at night. I parked my car near the train station then walked around the outside of it, into and along Princess Street. I was a wee bit nervous but I thought I pulled it off. I walked up a few of the streets leading off Princess Street, and was approached in one by a couple of nice older women looking for directions. I was dumbstruck as I hadn't expected anything like that happen. On my way back to the car, I went through the train station, and that was ok apart from a moment when one of the cleaning staff looked to be approaching me, but I got by ok. Although this wasn't my first time out, I felt all the previous trips out to secluded locations, helped me a lot, especially getting practice walking in heels.
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    Senior Member Jennifer in CO's Avatar
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    I was 10 - went shopping (not for me..we were just shopping) with my Aunt and 3 cousins (all girls). It was she who "created" me...


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    Brisbane, Australia
    March last year.....I plucked up the courage to go to a coffee shop on quite a busy street, I parked the car and had to walk a short distance in plain public view. The waitress who took my order was like OMG, but in a very positive way, and it took 3 waitresses to escort a single cappucino to my table, all sporting huge smiles which made me feel a bit more at ease.

    That was the first incredibly nerve wracking adventure of Tasha McIntyre. Happy to say it went extremely well, and I was thoroughly hooked on the adrenaline rush.!

    Quote Originally Posted by Jennifer in CO View Post
    I was 10 - went shopping (not for me..we were just shopping) with my Aunt and 3 cousins (all girls). It was she who "created" me...
    Wow Jenn, did your aunt put you in a dress for a shopping trip?

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    My first time was downtown Dallas, I don't know what got into me that night but I was dressed up very ****ty, and I walked a few blocks when some guys were yelling something like across the street like hey baby! and as I was heading back to my car a guy in a bike stopped and ask me if I had a cigarette and I shared one with him and then he asked me if I had a man and I replied yes and that I was waiting for him and he complimented me about my legs and since then I knew what I had to do, just loved every minute of it!
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    My first time was on an Amtrak train with my daughter. I got her to come along to give me some courage.
    Sitting in that train with my daughter gave me such a feeling of self confidence and acceptance.

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    I consider my real first time out to be lunch and a trip to a wig shop while in drab. That actually made me the most nervous, It was the first time I met another CD in public, the first time I shopped without a cover story, the first time I talked out loud about it with another and the first time I showed pictures in public to a stranger. That was actually a more significant day for me.

    First time out dressed was actually a hotel hallway then a club. That was a heavy door; I met a few big sisters who walked over with me. So it was kinda like "one giant step for me; no big deal for T-kind". I chose the venue because it was reccomended by friends, away from home and a very CD friendly venue.

    First trip out to non CD friendly place dressed was a shoe store at the mall. I needed to try on shoes and figure my size, no other to do it right :-)

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    The MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Why there? It was across the street from the cheap motel I was staying in. I've shared the story before so suffice it to say I made so many poor wardrobe choices that it was a disaster. Still I loved it and have continued to go out.
    Being transgender isn't a lifestyle choice. How you deal with it is.

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    My first time out was driving around in Hamilton Ont. Forgot to look at my gas gage and had to stop to get gas. Nothing happened. When I got home I realized what I had done and was hooked.

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    Yorkshire, England
    My first time in public was at night in York. Parked the car in a car park by the river and went for a walk into town. I was really scared and didn't go far before I hightailed it back with my heart pumping!

    My first time in public in daylight was waking up with my make-up on in a hotel room realising I needed to put money in the parking meter immediately (the civil enforcement officers in Leeds are very hot first thing in the morning). I leapt out of bed, freshened my make-up, threw on some clothes and went for it. Out of the door, elevator, through reception, outside, across a busy road to the car park... very busy as people heading off to work. Put the cash in and headed back to my room. I shared the elevator out with a female hotel manager who smiled (I smiled back). Got no funny looks, but hell I was on a mission!

    When I got back I couldn't believe what I'd done!
    Kaz xx

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    Technically my first time out in public was in a small town near to where I live. I had been for a drive dressed and finally decided I needed to take the plunge and get out and walk. It was about 9 pm and the main street was pretty well deserted. I walked along for a bit looking in the shop windows but then noticed some people coming towards me on the opposite side of the road. I am sorry to have to confess that I lost my nerve, turned round and hurried back to the car. As I approached the car I was certain I was being followed by a man on his own. I don't know whether he was or not, but it was sufficient to send me into the car and to drive away very swiftly. It took a LONG time for my pulse to return to normal!

    I consider my more formal "debut" to have been a few weeks later. A group of TG's with whom I had been corresponding announced that their Christmas Dinner was to be held in pub some way from my house but within driving distance. I decided to attend. I had to take a deep breath before walking through the door as the meal was being held in the public part of the pub, not in a private room, and there were othe couples and families also enjoying their meals. Needless to say I had a great time and couldn't wait until the next opportunity to go out dressed arose.

    To all of you reading this thread who haven't yet been out in public, I can only say "go on, give it a try". The first time will always be difficult, but there after you will find it easier and easier. The sense of relief at being being able to be your true self in public is well worth the first attack of butterflies!!!
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    A very busy MALL!


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    My first outings en femme were drives in my car, sometimes stopping to buy gas at otherwise deserted gas stations. My first time in public with other people around was at a Walmart on the other side of town, just a few months ago. I chose Walmart because I was familiar with the Walmart shopping scene and knew it was unlikely that I would have to speak to other people (a terrifying thought at the time). I was caught a bit off guard when I was greeted by a Walmart employee as I entered the store; I just smiled, mouthed a silent "hi", and continued walking like I knew where I was going. I just strolled around for about 15 minutes, pretending like I was shopping (mainly for women's clothing), even though I did not plan to buy anything.

    Next week, my wife and I will be staying in New Orleans for a few days. We are planning to go to Harrah's casino while I am en femme. It will be my first time out en femme with my wife. I told her I expect to be very nervous riding the hotel elevator with other people at close range. She didn't exactly build my confidence when she replied "I will just pretend like I don't know you."

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    First time out was a walk round the shopping centre in a nearby town - middle of the day on a Saturday so fairly busy. I thought there would be safety in numbers. All went well.
    I've never gone out after dark; I don't think it's safe alone for a woman or anybody who looks like a woman.
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    Edinburgh 2002.I went with CD friend,to The capital to meet up with a local girl and we went shopping together,then going later that night to TG friendly bar It was the first time I had ventured out into the street dressed,nervous as hell but excited too here was Sophie finally emerging and getting out with new friends,I really chose Edinburgh as I knew it was a cosmipolitan and vibrant city where I believed I would be safe and I could enjoy myself without worrying too much.I was proved right and enjoy going back there whenever I can.I have taken part in Pride marches and been clubbing without any trouble.

    We look to Scotland,for all our Ideas of Civilisation-Voltaire


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    The first time out was to a drive in movie in 1964. With one of my old girlfriends..BJ

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    My first time out was a Halloween party.. outing myself to all my friends. Safe haven to say the least.
    First real public place? Lesbian night club, had a fabulous time and went back repeatedly = strength builder.
    Crash course in blatant exposure? The Mall and a movie. I was terrified, I sweat through everything, and I overcompensated rounding a corner in heeled boots and almost killed myself.

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    Senior Member Janet Bern's Avatar
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    New Jersey
    A few years ago went to a Macys in NJ on a weekday enfemme. Walked around the place and no one noticed.
    My gg friend followed to see if there were any eyes looking at me and she noticed no one looking twice.
    It gave me the confidence to do it many times since with same results each time.

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    Somewhere around the Milwaukee area
    I have to go back to 1961 when I was 16 and went to a halloween dance at my school dressed as a girl. A GG friend of mine at the time, helped me with my outfit, wig, makeup, and even boobs. I must have pulled it off well because I came in second in the best costume contest.
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    Down here in South Florida we used to have a really great Gay/Gender/Everybody Club called the Copa ehich was located in Ft. Lauderdale.

    Thay had the best music and dancing in town and it was the meeting place for all of the local boys and girls.

    Alas, the club was destroyed in the 2005 hurricane's and it was never rebuilt.

    The stories I could tell . heheheh!

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    What could be more public than the Happiest Place on Earth? LOL

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    Other than a couple strolls around town enfemme at night in High School... The first was a local mall.. About 5 years ago...
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