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Male to Female Crossdressing

This forum is for discussing all aspects of Male to Female Crossdressing. All members can post in this section, it is not restricted to just MTF members.

See additional information here.

Moderators - Shelly Preston, GretchenJ and Char GG

Clothing, Shopping and Beauty (Members Only)

Clothing, Shopping and Beauty

Access to this section is restricted until you have 10 posts. Please do NOT spam sections just to gain access, they will just be deleted.

This section is for discussing clothing, shopping and beauty. It is also for sharing shopping and beauty recommendations for both online and regular retailers.

You may post links and pictures (please include links if you are posting pictures off websites) for shopping sites in this section, including all lingerie etc. - for example La Senza, but anything of a pornographic nature will not be permitted. This is also acceptable in all the other sections on the board.

Moderators - DAVIDA

The Picture and Video Gallery (Members Only)

This forum is expressly for all your picture posts and video clips. Pictures and video clips should only be of yourself. All other pictures and video clips should be posted in the lounge. All members posting pictures or video clips in this section of the forum, are responsible for obtaining permission from each person depicted.

Access to this section is restricted until you have 10 posts. Please do NOT spam sections just to gain access, they will just be deleted.

  • One photo and/or video clip thread per week, no exceptions. Any picture/video thread deleted will result in you having to wait another seven days before you can start another photo and /or video thread.
  • You may post a maximum of 10 pictures per thread page (based on 20 posts per page), anymore than that, you will be asked to remove them, or the whole thread will be deleted.This means a total of 10 pictures, doesn't matter how you post them, if you have 2 in 1, a collage etc, 10 pictures TOTAL!
  • You may post 2 video links per page, (based on 20 posts per thread page). The staff simply do not have the time to moderate links to loads of videos. If you post more than 2, the thread will be deleted.
  • All pictures and video clips must be of you fully clothed.
  • Lingerie photos and video clips are only to be posted if they are modest.
  • Tips, advice and constructive criticism threads are welcome, but only if expressly asked.
  • Avatar pictures to be posted in the sticky.
  • Any pictures and video clips judged by the staff to be unsuitable for any reason will be removed.

Pictures and video clips posted showing the following will be deleted.

  • Genitalia
  • Bare buttocks
  • Bare chest/breasts
  • Crotch shots
  • Bulges/erections
  • See through clothing exposing breasts, genitalia or buttocks

If you are in any doubt, please contact a moderator before posting photo or video clip.

Moderator - Shelly Preston

Additional guidelines can be found here.

See additional information here.

Note: - this section is only viewable by members. Guests will not be able to see your pictures and video clips here.

Please remember the Moderators and Administrators reserve the right to remove, move or merge inappropriate pictures and video clips posts/threads as they see fit in accordance with the rules.

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