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    Beauty Spa

    Hey girls I want to do a bit of research. Who of you out there would go to a health and beauty spa fo a weekend with an SO or alone if it was totally dedicated to the CD community. So you were met by a team of women who would do make-overs, nails, waxing, hair - all the usual femme treatments. The Hotel would be set in secluded grounds where you could just relax and be girls and enjoy a pampering time as a girl for the weekend. There would be a fully licensed restaurant and bar serving excellent food, wines and beverages - in other words an up-market hotel and spa complex but totally dedicated to the TV/TS/TG community. Who would pay for and use such a facility?

    "A girl can dream and when you cannot dream there is always shopping lol!"

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    I would. I love the spa. It is one of the activities that my wife and I usually do when we go away. Not sure if she would come on a TG trip with me though.

    It could probably work as a periodic event, but I am not sure if the market is big enough for it to be successful as a regular business.

    I wonder if there are any hotel/spas out there that have TG events or TG weekends. I bet some may during some of the TG conferences. As I have never been to one yet, I would not know.
    - Tammy

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    Sounds like a good idea Hon but I would have to say I would hope they are up to a challenge. They would certainly be earning every penny in an attempt to beautify THIS gal.

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    I would L-O-V-E, LOVE to experience that with my wife (personal fantasy I have) Now if only my wife had the same fantasy. I guess it will remain a dream of dreams.
    Now maybe if I pushed her(NO cant push her comfort level) I guess I will just wait and hope that her comfort zone will expand to include something like this. A girl can dream right. And so can I.

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    sound's like a good idea,but would the market be big enough for a spa of this style. Let's look at a few thing's.

    First if a cd is most likely "out" they are not bothered going to the average day spa. most specialty places can cost around 2-3 time's as much as the common place to cover there exspinsies and turn a profit "or for some just turn a huge profit"

    location,you would have to pick a place with a vast number of cd's,tranny,transgender and then get a building permit and grounds and as you may have guessed you would have to pass a planning commision. This would prove diffuclt cause many place's would not want that "element" in there commuinty be it succluded or other wise.

    clientell,you would be be trying to cater to some of the most powerful women in the world "im just guessing that to be the target aim" they are gonna wanna be descreat about there being there. being succluded they would need a secure entry to the place with out being seen,so you would most likely need a hela pad or small plane runway.

    Im not trying to crush anyone's dream,i would most likely vist one. getting a high class place going and keeping it running would be difficult i think. I have often thougt about opening a cd clothing resale store with a sign out front that say's crossdresser's,drag queens,trans all welcome here with a smile finding a place to open such a place not so easy
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    I would but you have to add shopping to the list.

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    I would def be in.....

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    I have the solution - just one flaw in the plan

    When I win the lottery double triple rollover, I'll set up a place just like you describe. Non profit, mandatory fun, high tech beauty parlour over-staffed by experts, pampering galore, no waiting for anyone or anything.
    Wake up in the morning, put your dressie on, stroll undercover to the parlour then emerge soon after looking your best. Pick your outfit from the enormous selection, get dressed, emerge and mingle with other beauties and enjoy the best holiday imaginable surrounded by just us.

    Don't worry about huge charges, just pay for simple food and drinks as the millions I win will be so big we'll never run out of sponsorship.

    The slight flaw in the plan is........ I need now to win about 100m and then we're in business. Just a minor hurdle to jump. I'll let you know when I cross it.

    Dream on ladies. I do
    Luv Marina.

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    Oh yes !!!

    I would most definatly go , as would my wife. we're planning something like that but in Provincetown , here in Mass . there are a few full service salons there and many , many places to stay, shopping , resturaunts , night clubs , drag shows , plus beaches , get out those swim suits girls. But there is lots of tourists down there in the warm months.

    we went down there to see whats available and how everyone dressed. anything goes there and is accepted.
    they even have a week set aside for cds/tv's/ts's and spouse or SO's are highly encourage to join . I'll see if I can find the link and I'll post it. OK I just found the link ; , , .

    The daily schedule on the website has everything broken down with lots of workshops for us.

    and heres a couple for Ptown ; , , ,

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    Sounds like fun, although a bit difficult for us closet girls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cassandra2601 View Post
    Hey girls I want to do a bit of research. Who of you out there would go to a health and beauty spa fo a weekend with an SO or alone if it was totally dedicated to the CD community..... Who would pay for and use such a facility?

    I would, without question

    If it was built, ... I would go
    Lead me NOT into temptation
    (I can find my own way)
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    In a heartbeat, I love going to the nail salon every 3 weeks for a pedicure, ahh make that every 2 weeks, would really be nice to go for the "whole 9 yards".If it's in NJ we could carpool.

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    I'D go no questions asked. Just build it and they will come. As will I.
    Striving for acceptance.

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    Thank you girls for all the input - very valuable to get a perspective on things.

    Discretion would be the watchword - one pointer I had not thought of planning permission - good thought worth checking out.

    Thanks again - any more thoughts feedback gratefully received......

    "A girl can dream and when you cannot dream there is always shopping lol!"

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    Best of Luck to you.

    The spirit is willing, but my checkbook is weak since I retired.

    I would look around at both the bottom line of independent resorts and TG/TV/CD/TS businesses to see if there is enough business that this particular focus can survive. I wouldn't be surprised to see something like this started, but not survive. Although we see a lot of activity here, I don't know if the size of the community is large enough to support this level of business investment.

    The business model that seems to work is the Cruise lines that have a few "Pride" cruises a year, but most of the time is spent on the much larger vacation market. I'm not sure how that kind of marketing would cross over to a land based facility, but someone brighter than I could probably figure it out. On the other hand, get your financial supporters lined up and watch for the next hotel/casino to go bust in Las Vegas.

    Good luck and I hope my take on this is so wrong that one of these days you are greeting me at the front door of your new spa!
    Being transgender isn't a lifestyle choice. How you deal with it is.

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    Sign me up, when do I go. Can we make 2 or even 3 weeks.

    I just love going to the spa & being pampered, in fact I am going this Friday.

    Hugs all, Janelle

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    Ahh to dream.....

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    Count me in 100% Would LOVE to do that!

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    I know just the place ...

    For anyone in the UK prepared to travel to the Midlands, I know just the place...

    ... discreet ...friendly... quite .... exclusive by arrangement, groups or individual bookings, excellent therapists, sauna, jacuzzi, ... oh and did I mention affordable :-)

    I'm trying to convince them to sort out a stylist... my hairs always the one thing I feel really lets me down; They can do makeup too, and a permanent cure for stubble :-)

    I park round back... walk through the front door as he and leave out the back as she... feeling relaxed and excited all at the same time.

    If anyone is genuinely interested I can make a personal introduction... let me know


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    SH*T!!!.....Open one up! I'm on my way!!!!
    So I like dressing like girl. BIG DEAL!

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