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Thread: Slips

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    Really nice slips are NOT cheap. I have one or too that were more than $50. You CAN feell the difference! They feel exquisite against staockings and panties.
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    Oh Diane I too love slips....and I am wearing one also writing this. I just cannot imagine not wearing a slip under my skirt or dress. Slips are just so feminine, and the feeling of a silky slip over my nylons and panties.....oh my just so so sensual. I too simply love to dress as you and love to put on a bra, silky full cut panties, a garterbelt and nylons, slip and dress with lovely heels when I am on the net. Oh I Love being a Woman. Back in school, way back in the 50's and 60's I loved the way girls looked, their lovely dresses and oh my those lovely panties and slips I just could not resist looking at...and so wanting to wear myself. Here I am dressed up...and so glad we can share this together....hugs..Brenda

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    So nice to know they are not out of favor! My wife never wears one. I never hear too much about them.

    But I LOVE mine!

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    I don't think many women of my generation (or younger) wear slips at all. They are so lovely and elegant, it is a a shame they are becoming a niche item (like girdles and gartered stockings are today.)

    To the person who asked, they do make cotton slips. National Wholesale ( sells them.

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    Slips are very popular right now in Japan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crossdrezzer1 View Post
    slips have always been my favorite,,, they are sooo hard to find because girls dont like them anymore,,, the vintage ones with lace are my favorite,,, find some at goodwill sometimes..
    I think that's true -- how many GG's wear dresses and skirts but not slips? I'll bet they do that a lot more than we do.
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    I never wear a dress or skirt without a slip. My wife says it reminds her of her grandmother. They don't know what they're missing do they?

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    Add me to the list. I just can't imagine not wearing a slip under my skirt or dress. Its like the American Express saying, Don't leave home with out it!

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    I have always found slips to be extremely sensuous and exciting. I just love wearing a full slip, panties, a lacy bra (with silicone breast forms) and nylons with a garter belt. It makes me feel so feminine.

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    I love slips. They're the most feminine of garments. They look beautiful, and I love wearing them.
    Here's a lovely black silk slip.

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    Wearing a slip always makes me feel so sweet!

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    Oh my!! Full Slips are my favorite! sigh! I love wearing thenm just lounging at home too! For the newer styles I love shopping at ... however there is NOTHING like the vinatge materials! The quality of those is indescribable! I have a very favorite one from the 50s that has become more like a security blanket I have worn it so much lol ... It's a Van raalte from , and of course the major chains sell cheaper versions.
    I know some of the authentic vintage is expensive, however the quality speaks for itself.
    Hugs ~Markiana
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    Vintage Slips

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    I love all kinds of slips. I own over 150 full slips, 125 half slips , 50 camisoles, 50 + petticoats( the type that add lots of fullness to a dress or skirt). Love wearing sheer type dresses with a vintage slip and a sheer bra filled with those amazing breast forms.
    I have found some sheer full type skirts and dresses that I like to wear a big petticoat under. The pettis have a life of their own and will cause the dress or skirt to take on unique motions when walking. Also the feeling of slips and pettis rubbing against nylons is exhilirating. This can become an expensive hobby. Some of my pettis are made of lame and extremely soft polyester and cost over one hundred dollars each. Once you wear them you become addicted.

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