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Thread: Did your mother support your crossdressing and wanted you to be her daughter?

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    Did your mother support your crossdressing and wanted you to be her daughter?

    Please do not take it the wrong way but I notice a lot of mothers tend to laugh when their son puts on her heels or dress and will even sometimes paint their sons nails for fun. A lot of this is done behind the fathers back.

    Do the CDs here agree?

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    NO! No offense. ^_^;; There have been a few signs left around the house in my early teen years (on accident of course), and certain "talks" about that with my mom at the time indicated that I would not be supported... I almost wish it had been that way though. :/

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    No, she caught me a couple of times and did her very best to get me to stop. I'm sorry Mom, I love you, but it just didn't happen. I think she was afraid that I was going to become homosexual, not understanding back in those old days that the two things weren't directly linked cause and effect. That aspect of it was never discussed, so I'm just guessing now, having missed my chance to ask her about it by over 25 years.
    Being transgender isn't a lifestyle choice. How you deal with it is.

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    All I ever got was corrected! The only support I ever got came from my bra and girdle!

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    Not no but hell no. How many Mothers do you know that would really want their Son to become their Daughter?
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    No my mom doesn't like me being Cindy too much although sometimes she called me baby girl.

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    in a way my mom kinda treats me like the daughter she wish she had. (the real one divorced her blood).
    we go shopping a lot, she is making me a dress, :-) but i do not dress up much in front of her. she does want to shopping with loni one day.
    maybe this fall when i have the cash for it. take her someplace special (aka trip).


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    I didn't tell my mom until I got married. She fully supports me (even reads my blogs & watches my videos) and couldn't be more encouraging to just be myself

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    My Mom never knew of MY dressing. But she went Bonkers when my brother did, and
    had SRS going all the way to being a woman. Now she (old brother) will not talk to anyone in the family,
    even my real Sister, since my Mother passed away in 1999.

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    When I was little I used to make skirts out of doilies and scarves when I was playing around the house. My mother thought it was funny and called me Little Lord Fauntleroy. My grandmother would whack me upside the head and make me go play with the boys down the road. Then they would beat me up some more.

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    In my case no chance in hell my mother hated the fact i crossdressed,to this day even on the eve of my second marriage we had a confrontation about it (long story) In my opinion most mothers wouldnt approve
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    I had a grandmother who taught my brother and me how to put on nail polish on our fingernails. She also bought little girl's panties for us. As a boy I wore nail polish on my fingernails until the teasing from others became too intense.


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    No way and she will never know if I can help it, she made sure that I knew what was right and wrong and who is going to heaven and the wormer place, a very strick and unforgiving lady

    it is a total myth ( a old thread ) being raised as a girl
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    I like my femself; it makes me feel more civilized, i think girltime should be a requirment for all kids.

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    My mother often asked if she could put makeup on me and dress me as a girl because she always wanted a girl. I never let her; how stupit I was.
    My hairdresser told me that many mothers who did not have daughters wanted to and did put makeup and dress their youngest son as a girl.

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    My mom likes that I have a way to express my feminine side and offered to let me borrow her things if I want, but she told me she never wanted a daughter because before I was born she had to take care of my girl cousins, and they were really difficult.

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    Support? Yes, my mother supports my crossdressing, and often times will give me clothing. Wanting me to be her daughter? Not likely, but she does call me "My son/my daughter". So, yes, mom is very supportive of my lifestyle.
    Someone once told me "Put on Your big girl panties and deal with it". If they only knew, I WAS ALREADY WEARING THEM.

    I wear the bras and panties so my wife doesn't have to.

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    When I was little, my mom was sometimes encouraging and instigated crossdressing, even suggested that she'd like to do things with me dressed as her daughter, but that never panned out. At other times she would act as if she'd never been supportive. I think that my dad told her to not encourage me, as he was strongly critical of me dressing up, to say the least. I hated him when I was a kid, as he was not a very good father back then (BIG understatement).

    When my mom and I were the same size, she wanted to totally dress me as a woman for Halloween, pluck my eyebrows and everything, and I was totally thrilled, but again, she changed her mind and it never happened.

    My mom had to have known that I had gender identity issues based on things I did from little on, and when I was maybe 14 or 15, she did ask me if I wanted to be a girl, as she knew I was getting into her makeup, but by the look on her face, I knew that she didn't want to hear the truth, so I chickened out and told her no. I'll regret that lie until the day I die.

    My name is Carol. Check out my Flickr page.

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    My mother and grandmother got me started at a young age. Both had me play dress-up to varying degrees many many times throughout my youth. Halloween was a special time for us all when I'd get the full treatment out in the open including girdle, makeup and wig. I thoroughly enjoyed it all. My mother never explicitly said she'd like me to be her daughter but I knew she had fun with the temporary transformations. She always talked about how much she wished she'd had a daughter to share things with.

    Shortly before she died, my mother pulled my wife aside and showed her an envelope she'd kept for many years. In it was a full set of painted nails from my little fingers. Many among us probably remember how easy it was to pop that red polish off in one piece 50+ years ago. I guess the polish was a special memory for my mom and something she used to ease into having 'the talk' with my wife about whether I still like to play dress-up. I walked in on them during that chat and was shooed away so they could continue. Oh, to be a fly on the wall!

    I did and still do relate fully as a boy/man and was never interested in or encouraged to do dolls or stereotypical girl activities. It was and is all about the look and presentation.

    I suppose I was made into a CD through the process. My wife feels that what my mother and grandmother did was wrong. I don't believe parents knew they were setting up a lifelong pattern of behavior. Using today's knowledge to gauge actions of 50+ years ago is a bit fuzzy. I survived and think I turned out ok. The softer things I learned in youth no doubt merged with my male traits to make me the man I am.

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    My mothers fantastic, she accepts every part of me. she caught me when I was 13 in her long nightgown, and has'nt had one negative word. she comes up to see me once a year and does'nt mind me wearing womens wear or my lovely long satin nightgowns. i'm very lucky to have a good mum and close accepting freinds.
    [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]I love my gorgous flowing evening and ball gowns. I love swishing in them, and feeling how beautiful and shimmering they are. I love to feel like a princess. I love to be elegant, feminine and ladylike.

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    My mom was always very open about the fact that she expected to only have baby girls and totally had no idea what to do when a boy popped out instead! She had literally never even considered the possibility of raising a son. She tried to adapt, but I think she did enjoy treating me a bit girlishly at times.

    Starting when I was quite small, maybe 2-1/2 years old or so, she would sometimes put red polish on my fingernails and, a few years later, lipstick. She let me get my ears pierced when I was nine, and took me to a downtown department store to buy my first pair of heels when I was 12. (And yes, I was wearing nail polish, lipstick and earrings at the time. The clerks must have talked about it for weeks.) However, her interest never extended to my wearing lingerie (other than hose) or women's outer clothes.

    I think she began having regrets about it all soon after our shopping trip and after I entered junior high and the first signs of puberty started to show, she lost all interest in supporting my femme side. Years later, she never accepted or acknowledged that I dressed.

    - Diane

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    I've been quite introspective lately and I'm beginning to think I might want to transition someday, but I'm not entirely sure yet. I mean, I am and I'm not. Anyway, I hope my mom would be fine with having a daughter in this circumstance. I'd love to be a good daughter to my mother.
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    like I said before when I was a small boy mom would find me in the lingeria section of the store feeling of the bras and panties instead of the toy aisle then when I was 9 she found me wearing my older sisters bra and panties she asked some questions and said I thought it would come to this so she took me to the store and I got to buy a bra and 3 pairs of panties

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    Thanks for the thread. You've just awakened some long forgotten memories in me.
    Although the thoughts are quite fuzzy, I do recall her putting powder, rouge and makeup on me one rainy afternoon. This only happened once, but I can still see her smile and her delight (mine too) of how pretty I became on that day. i also recall that she joked about a wig and being fully dressed.
    I know that she knew I wore her clothes from time to time. She never came right out and said anything, but I knew I wasn't hiding anything from her. I never dressed in front of her or anyone else. The thought was very appealing but I never acted on it. Neither of us ever brought it up again.
    She passed a very long time ago.
    The memory is sweet.

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    My mother and I never talked about it but she did buy me very girlie type panties, so I guess she did know we just never talked about it ......
    [SIZE="3"]Lots of love Gina X[/SIZE]

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    My mother had five sons, no daughters. Years ago when I was young I had a somewhat awkward relationship with my mother regarding my CDing. She knew, but didn't understand or really accept. At one point, I think when I was about 16 and dressing daily with mixed boy-girl items, she said "I have five sons, but never wanted any of them to turn into a daughter. On the other hand, my mother often tried to protect me from the often violent reactions of my father towards my CD tenancies. For the last twelve years of my mother's life my SO and I cared for her in our home -- still my dear mother never really came to terms with my dressing. I always tried to keep dressing to a minimum around her. Over many years I've learned the hard way that you can never really change those around you into something they are not, only work towards mutual respect and love them for who they are.


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