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Thread: Female Face Mask!!

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    Female Face Mask!!

    Take a look at this AMAZING product!! It is a female mask you put on and your face instantly looks female!!

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    Girls have more fun!!
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    It looks and sounds good. Have you actually seen it?
    I am more interested in some of the hormone offerings.
    Is there a way to get them without going to a physician?

    thanks....for the URL!
    Rachel Elizabeth

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    Quote Originally Posted by newfemale
    Take a look at this AMAZING product!! It is a female mask you put on and your face instantly looks female!!
    I'm no fool. (Well, sort of, but in a good way.)

    They won't dare show a photo of the actual mask, because it's going to be the same as all those other masks out there. (i.e. creepy painted eyes, horrible shaping and fit, worse than a hallowen mask.

    If you're gonna wear a mask, don't try to go for realism. These kigurumi like have got it right. Go the opposite of realism, and it becomes something special.
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    Ok. Do you really believe there's such a thing as a female mask? It's probably some prosthetics that you've seen in the movie "White Chicks"

    <might I add one of the most surprisingly funny movie of the year>

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    Sonya Love
    Doesn't it get hot enough under a wig?

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    Smile Dont buy it

    undefinedI wanted to buy the "most realistic breast forms" from this company a few months ago. The pictures on the web make them look almost real when attached to the body. However, you can easily tell its an artist rendition photo. I emailed then asking for an actual photo of the forms they said they could not do it. Probably because they were not as described plus the cost for them were 4 times over a similiar set in the USA. I knew another girl from a forumn that bought these forms and was highly disappointed. She said they were nothing like they said they were. So, If its to good to be usually isn't!

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