Hello and welcome to our quiet but humbled home. Sit down and make your-self at home.
I would like to ask that if you post to a thread make sure the O.P. asks for your response For example"Female to Male only please" When this is written it means only responses from them not Male to Female.. If the question has nothing written like that you may reply but please remember we are looking for responses dealing with male experiences. We do not need people who are going to post things that are negative,rude or invalidating to what we feel,thing or dress. If you can not follow this request then do not post.
You are a guest here please be kind. I will not put up with people who causes up-he-veal and hurt feelings.
We are not here to be hit on. If you like someone PM them.
If you have a question about things involve Female to Male experience we will be happy to answer. If you are sincere in your question do not worry about not being able to use the correct terms for what we do.
When you are here in the transmen section please do not ask "how are all you girls doing" that is rude and I will delete your post.
If you can keep these rules in mind every one will get along.
Thank you.