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More like just a few. It would be extremely rare to find a guy no matter what age who would be willing to just go on a date and not want more.

Well there goes "safe". IF you get a guy to respond and follow through, do you really want a guy who posts on the internet? (Maybe you could call their wife too)

Am I the only one not living a fairytale here? Or am I the only one who has met more creeps than anyone should? I really have only met two men who had no sexual designs on me in the last few months, they were a couple and gay.

Let me reiterate. 1) if they date you they have ulterior motives. Even rich OLD men don't date just to have a companion ONCE. They want a sexual companion or they need a beard. 2) Guys don't date without expecting more than a handshake. 3) If they date a TG in any manner other than a TS they are Bi or GAY, they are not straight and they are NOT stupid. You will be the bottom probably and often they will use you and dump you (again ask their wife) 4) There is no such thing as a safe date. You have to always be aware. (GG's wanna back me on this?) 5) This is a fantasy. It isn't what you expect it to be. It will go suddenly and probably horribly wrong if you go into it thinking he will stay a gentleman. 6) you are exactly what you hated in High School You are a tease and a user because you want nothing more than a meal ticket and dance partner.

Now if you pay them to take you out then you are hiring an escort.

Maybe it is age, maybe it is experience, maybe it is years of knowing guys (hey guys talk.). Maybe I am crazy trying to convince you otherwise.
Sorry, but this comes across as cynical projection. I have plenty of age and experience, but your six points are blunt and hyperbolic; so many arguables framed as absolutes.

There are more than a few. The generic term is "admirers", and they're not all depraved creeps with only one thing on their minds. I've known a few, and I've always been cautious–erring on the side of not taking chances–so there must be more.

Craigslist is simply a public forum. So is this, albeit not a marketplace-with-some-discussion-forums. Anonymize your contacts to a discrete email account and be prepared to delete a lot (and possibly give up). I already said that.

The OP asked an honest question. With respect, your response doesn't really shed any light on the topic, other than to declare the whole idea to be radioactive in all possible cases, with a tone of exasperation. I disagree. If the idea intrigues you, there are safe ways to explore, but be ready for disappointment and wary of danger. Kind of like life in general.