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Thread: Crossdressing at work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karren Hutton View Post
    Typically Panties. Bra. Corset.... I have been warned by our department VP if I showed up to work wearing heels that he would not be happy... Fine...
    So I take it that they know you underdress?

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    My panties fill my undies drawer. I do keep a pair of manly briefs for the doctor visit...i like to wear a cami as i work. Would love to wear a bra but the protrusion might be a little bit of a problem because I'm the boss!

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    Years ago I worked as a security guard on the night shift 11pm to 7am. The bldg was
    part office and warehouse and there was nobody around during the night. I had this
    big clock called a Detex clock that I carried around with me and walked throughout the
    building where there were key stations where I would walk to, put the key into the clock
    to 'record' my time. I had to walk a tour, once an hour.
    The lights were dimmed throughout the offices and the warehouse part, although there
    were a few windows, they could easily be avoided by walking down different aisles.
    I remember one night that after I relieved the guard and had the bldg to myself, I quickly went into the rest room
    and took off my uniform and slipped into a pair of pantyhose and a full length navy blue slip
    I also brought a pair of high heeled strappy sandals with me. I put my uniform
    over my femm clothes and walked the first tour in my mens clothes. This gave me a chance
    to check over the bldg, adjust the lights and to see what shipping bays were blocked by
    We only had one camera and it watched the loading docks and was not hooked to any
    recording devices. Luck was with me as I saw that 3 out of 4 docks were blocked by
    trailers, leaving only one free. I dimmed the lights in that area.
    I decided to change my uniform for the next tour. I took off my flat shoes and slipped
    into my heels, but left my pants and shirt on. Part of the tour took me to the main
    entrance and the cops had a tendency to make the driveway part of their radar trap.
    So I headed out for the first stop, the main entrance and came to a stop at the corner
    before the entrance and peeked outside. Nothing there, good...I walked to the first key
    with my heels clicking on the tiled floor. I put the key in, turned around and walked
    to the 2nd key station. That was down a corridor that could also be viewed from the
    I recorded my presence at the 2nd and third key stations as well. When I got to the
    end of the hallway, I could turn left and go back to my office, or turn right and walk
    into the warehouse where the other 11 key stations were located.
    Well, I had the side door securely locked and nobody else had the key. One would have
    to physically break in the door to get inside. So I was pretty safe. At that point I
    turned to the left and walked into my office and took a flashlight with me as I
    decided to change into my other uniform. I put the clock down on the desk, slipped out
    of my pants and took my shirt off. I was going to walk the rest of my tour in my slip,
    pantyhose and high heels.
    I grabbed my clock and headed for the warehouse. The carpet ended at the warehouse
    door. Gone was the silence, to be replaced by the clicking of my high heels. I walked
    onward to my first station and turned the key. Next was station two, I couldn't walk
    in heels as fast as I could in flats but I trugged along. I turned the corner to station
    two and I could feel the slip swinging around my legs as I turned. It felt wonderful.
    My heels clicked down the hall to the other stations. There was a long walk ahead of
    me and I continued to click my heels on the cement floor and to sway my long slip when
    I turned the corners.
    When I got to the one open bay, I turned on the flashlight and lit the way as the
    overhead lights were turned off. When I turned my last key, I headed for the office
    to do the paperwork. I put the clock down, headed to the door and peeked out the window
    to see if any truckers were waiting for me to return. They sometimes delivered trailers
    during the night. As usual, there was nobody there.
    Before the next tour, I found the light switches that controlled the lights for the
    inside corridor and shut most of them off. Leaving one one or two of them on, I could
    walk the entire tour in my slip.
    When the next hour came up, I grabbed the clock and flashlight and walked the entire
    tour in my slip, pantyhose and heels. It felt so good to do my job enfemm, but I had my
    uniform close by, just in case the inspector made a visit for a uniform check. He never
    did and I did six more tours enfemm. I took off my feminine close before my shift was
    over. The next day I would wear a dress, but thats another story.

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    i have worn a bra and panties under my work clothes for many years i was a telephone lineman

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    I would like to start wearing panties under my male clothes, but I haven't gotten the courage yet to do so. I really want to be Pamela full time and live as a woman, so I need to get over my fears and start working towards my goal. I have already planned that to start with I will wear Hanes white cotton panties to work. I guess I will be nervous at first that my shirt is tucked in so my panties are not visible to others. I know that after a while I won't think anything of it.

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    Work is the ONLY place I can dress up; so for me it's almost a daily occurrence. Depending on my work load, I might just slip into my bra, hose, and heels and lipstick. (I have a strange addiction to wearing heels!) If I have the time, I'll apply eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick too. In fact, since i can't take any of my CD stuff home, I'm wondering where I'm going to start storing it so the staff won;t find it!

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