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Thread: Artificial Vagina

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    Artificial Vagina

    I have read a lot here and on other websites about Breast Forms but what is the experience and opinion of posters here of the artificial vaginas on sale. I understand that these are moulded rubber , flesh coloured, some even have pubic hair and that they have a sheath for the penis and can even be urinated through just as a biological woman would do. They are however quite expensive, about £70 to £100 UK.

    Has anyone here bought one of these, are they comfortable to wear, do they stay in place and are they realistic?

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    artificial vaginas

    i not only wear one, i love it. mine cost me about $220 US. i got mine thru it is a store in sunrise, fl. called secrets. i buy a lot of things thru them, they are extremely CD friendly.

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    don't know

    i cant answer your question but look under ( castle supplys) they hav a lot of them to sell
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    Those things look uncomfortable but I am sure they look ok...
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    Yes...I have had several over the years. They are fairly realistic looking. They do stay in place as they are secured by cords...however because of that they tend to be uncomfortable especially when worn for long periods of time and when sitting. Maintenance is simple...just soak for a few minutes in a basin using body wash, shampoo, or the like...and then air dry. has them at a little cheaper price than some of the other sites that I have seen them on. Check it out for yourself.

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