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Thread: Android Games for CD Enjoyment?

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    Android Games for CD Enjoyment?

    Hi girls,

    I am in a situation right now where I will not be getting the dress much. So I was wondering if anyone had found any of the fashion or dress up android games for your phone that are fun and help scratch the dressing itch? I also have heard some people mention social virtual life apps or programs too where you can run a female avatar. Basically I am looking for something feminine that I can indulge my love of cloths, hair, and make up. I thought maybe some of my sisters here might have some suggestions or similar experiences.

    Thank you all for the help!
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    The only one I can really think of is The Sims Mobile. Looks like this one is new than The Sims Freeplay. Just downloaded it, but haven't played it. I love The Sims games, in a way it allows to play out that female dream of dressing, makeup, hair and others. Haven't played Sims 4 in a while. I have the online downloads that I have purchased.

    There maybe others though.

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    I have an android phone too and while I don't play the games, I have seen ads for various makeover apps and games. My brother in law told me about the app called "reface" and I find it very addictive seeing your face superimposed on someone else's and seeing yourself as various women from movies and tv shows etc

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    I play super stylist. I am on level 43 and only spent money once the whole time I played it, money isn't necessary to play it.

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    Been playing Love Nikki Dress Up Queen for a few years, and several hundred dollars later. Some suits I just Had to have

    ETA: That's Nikki as my avatar
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    I have a Jeopardy game for my old Game Boy and I liked to set my on screen character as a female, just for fun, but never saved it in case my kids got into it. I'll admit I enjoyed the game more that way.

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    I play Covet Fashion, can sometimes help me through those times when i can't dress for a few days!

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    Let's not forget the Wii! You can make your own Mii as whatever you want ... fat, skinny, tall...etc.
    I have a Joyce character that has some similarities. When playing games with others no one asks and I f they did it is a friend of my wife's.

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