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Thread: How does crossdressing make you feel?

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    how does crossdressing make me feel

    Crossdressing makes me feel wonderful !!!
    So girly !!


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    Well Chrissy,
    Coming at it from a totally different angle here, and answering on behalf of myself.
    I think Crossdressing is total escapism from what can be day to day hum drum run of the mill things. Its great to know that at the end of a busy week youve got something to look forward to that you can do together, and its great trying out new looks. So I'd say that Crossdressing makes me feel relaxed, revitalised, uplifted, included, adventurous, daring, sexy, needed, positive, excited, involved, attractive, appreciated and loved.
    Take care

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    It makes me feel like ---

    A whole nother person to be honest, but at times it helps me to relax and at other times its for a sexual kick. There are times when I almost hate myself for being who I am, But I didnt ask to be a crossdresser, but mostly It just helps me unwind relax and get back in touch with my surroundings,

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    just west of syracuse n.y.
    Chrissy I love the look the feel of woman thing to me it is relaxing If it was possible I'd dress 24-7 alasit not to be

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    It makes me feel good inside as a woman.

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    (turns me on somewhat is all) , thats the problem. Thought it would “relieve” these feelings it does not.

    It makes them worse because I will never be a woman.

    I am 6'1" very male face and big hands and feet. I can never look like anything but an ugly guy in a dress.

    I do not cross-dress because it does nothing for me be reminds me I am not a woman and will never be one.

    Probably should not be here because I do not cross-dress. (put on stick on breast forms on the rare occasions I have time to myself.) Would wear them everyday but am afraid of getting caught.

    PS on last thought. I am getting a little bit of relief as a woman in Second Life. Still reminds me I will never be a woman but it is better than nothing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JoAnnDallas View Post
    I am long pass the sexual part. When I was younger in my 20's or so, yes it was part sexual, but now it is just feeling good and right thing to do. I feel at peace and I love the way the various Fabrics feel against me.
    I would add to what JoAnn said, when I dress I feel WONDERFUL!

    Now when I shop, I almost enjoy touching the materials as I do wearing them.

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    Janice Ailene:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Helen MC View Post
    I do get sexual pleasure from dressing but also a feeling of comfort and peace. I don't go out dressed, I would not easily "pass" these days but dress fully at home, (I wear panties 24/7) . I always feel restricted in trousers and greatly prefer the freedom and comfort of a skirt or dress. I did envy the girls when I was a boy, they could wear jeans or a skirt , the most butch and macho or the most girly and feminine of clothing whereas I could only wear trousers etc.

    oh my.... this so defines my dressing.... Wearing satin panties just makes the day go better for me. I just cant beleive that this is so much the same as i feel...
    [SIZE=2]No Heel is Too High.... When it's Pointed at the Ceiling[/SIZE]

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    Me too

    Quote Originally Posted by Jasmine Ellis View Post
    I feel free, away from the day to day male things, no worrys to think about, I love being Jasmine and theres no guilt here its fun but also fantastic
    This is exactly what comes to mind for me when asking "How does crossdressing make me feel" FREE. I love the freedom of expression

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    comfortable... inspired... free...

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    hervey bay queensland Australia
    Like the woman I should be.

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    I can dream again.

    I feel like I can dream again. Inside I feel the joy known only to a woman on a summer day as her dress twirls in the breeze. The music of heels clicking in her rhythymic pace. The smell of her perfume that trails the air from the nape of her neck. The touch of her french manicured nails along her slender waistline. The smiling eyes of others as they gaze upon the beautiful person she is both inside and out. Yes, I can dream again.

    [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]Feeling pretty on the inside.

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    how it makes u feel?

    CDing makes me feel calmer and more at peace with myself. When I crossdress I feel like I can get more done and do more even if it's just around my house. The first thing I tried on was a bridesmaid dress and I looked fantastic and that was in my teens but I didn't start crossdressing till my late teens early 20's where i am now but i wouldn't say that i haven't got the full affect of crossdressing yet because i don't wear makeup because i haven't had someone teach me how to apply it yet but even with out i feel more feme than i usually do so for me it's more of a peacefull and stylish thing than anything else plus I enjoy shopping for girl stuff all the time.

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