In these recent times I'm getting more and more into crossdressing. After some research here on the forum and somewhere else too, I thought I had grasped the basic tucking technique; you know, making the boys go up under the belly, and keep the big brother bend between the legs.

After some tries I've managed to make the boys trick, helped by a latex knicker that really keeps everything in place. However, keeping the big brother between the legs feeled a bit uncomfortable, particularly while sitting (ouch!). Almost by accident, I managed to make it slip into the pelvis too (it needs to be relaxed, otherwise it's impossible!); normally it wouldn't stay there, but with such a thigh knickers everything keeps it place! I've read of something similar using medical tapes, but it really seemed quite complicated to do. This has proven to be so damn easy!

Maybe you all know about this trick, after all I'm such a newbye compared to the most of you, but I decided to post this just in case some other newborn girl needs some help from other's experience.