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Thread: Vacations and crossdressing

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    Vacations and crossdressing

    It is vacation week and I am spending more time with my family this week which is very important.

    I tend to stay up a little later knowing I don't have to be at work in the morning.

    This vacation week is different from others in that we have no real plans and we are being spontaneous with a day trip here and there.

    So at night I am dressing up and being a girl for a couple of hours.

    Do others try to dress up on their time off and be more in touch with their girly side?

    Has any crossdressers taken vacations away to places where they also crossdressed?

    I hope all the girls out there are enjoying the final weeks of summer before the kids go back to school!

    Happy vacations!


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    Time off is for dressing hun. Never dressed when we vacation most of it is with others that I don;t want to know.

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    I work shift and tend to dress when the kids are at school and the wife is at work too. I usually do all my house work enfemme. I have a lot of time off but just don't get out,like I did ten years ago:before I got married. I do miss that side of it very much.
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    I haven't gone on vacation and CDíd for a number of years, and donít have a very good reason. Back in 1994 my wife and I flew down and visited my sister in Houston, for about four days and then went to San Antonio for the Texas Tea Party. Then we did something similar in Long Beach California, in 1996; small vacation and the IFGE convention. Most of my vacation time since then was at Esprit.
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    I take all my vacations enfemme, I leave the house enfemme, and I stay enfemme the whole vacation, and I return home enfemme. they are the best vacations I have had. I do keep a pair of pants and a shirt in the car in case I have car trouble.

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    I recently had to drive home and took a scenic route home. Put all my boy clothes in one suitcase and girl clothes in the other. Did not touch the boy clothes the whole way home. Had a great time being semi-femme since I don't pass.

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    a year ago this nov when i was on Vacation, i spent about 3 weeks totally femme.

    Last march, when i was on vacation for almost 5 weeks, I was totally femme 24/7 for the whole time
    It was a great feeling and so nice to be treated like a lady.
    I had one pair of shoes and jeans with me that did not belong to Denise, incase of car problems, but fortunately did not need them

    This Nov, planning on vacation again for almost 5 weeks, and will be totally femme 24/7 the whole time away.

    I feel much more comfortable and relaxed totally femme, and after all is that not what a vacation is for


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    Going on vacation

    Last year on my vacation I went out dresser for the first time. I was at a guy club and ran into a crossdresser. She told me that thay had a meeting on Wednesday.
    I had a make over appointment in New Hampshire. So I got back in time and and had a drink with some of are sister. That was the second time out.

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    I try to dress as often as I can while on vacation. I drive in a dress and heels. We are hoping to go on a cruise in the neer future en femmne.

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    It's all over for me!

    During our vacation time, my daughter was often off with my ex for weeks at a time. And, at least every other weekend. Next week school starts. No problem. Next weekend soccer season starts. BIG problem! My ex doesn't participate. So, virtually every weekend between now and Nov. 8th is tied up! I'll have to shoehorn my CDing in, whenever I can.

    Oh yeah. THIS 3 day weekend is MY turn to have my daughter! I love her, but---Sigh!
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    Hi Emmi,

    My wife and i always go away at the end of October, just she and I. On these trips, I actually wear a man's bodyshirt, from, either pantyhose or tights and women's shoes. I dress all that weekebd as Femininely aws I can, and I LOVE it. I really want to go to a makeover establishment and get the Full tratment someday. Being in public in a skirt and nylons would be a Great experience. The only time I have been in public in a skirt or dress has been Halloween...would like to do it in "Normal" mode sometime!


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    [SIZE="3"]Back before "real life" took hold of me.. I used to be able to take my vacations twice a year and go to visit a GG friend of mine ( I met in a TG chat room) in Richmond Virginia......Obviously she knew...and From the time I got in her house, I was basically 24/7 Kendra...I've never been happier..We shopped, movies, did sightseeing and I just was "me"...I never had any negativity towards me from the general public ( not that it would have mattered anyway ) But it was Heaven for me..As I said in the beginning.."Real life" has kept me from being able to do that for a while..But I look back on those times and smile...Nothing like being out and about as myself for 10 days..[/SIZE]
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    Vacation with the family, so no CD fun there, but the ocassional business trip ... now that's a different story.

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