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Thread: MTF: Crossdressing for sex

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    MTF: Crossdressing for sex

    For the M-T-F crossdressers with female partners only please!

    The question is whether you think/know that being crossdressed during sex enhances your experience with your female partner?

    Spare the graphic details please... but feel free to explain why you feel this way.

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    I hate pants Gabrielle Hermosa's Avatar
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    I'm a mtf crossdresser with a gg wife.

    She loves my crossdressing and sometimes has a hard time keeping her hands off me when I walk around all dressed up.

    Does it enhance our sex life when making love while dressed up?

    To say YES would be the understatement of the century.

    We have a healthy sex life. It was very good before Gabrielle came out to my wife. It was even better after.

    Without getting graphic or anything, this past Saturday evening, my wife was in bed, under the covers, ready for her husband to join her (because she was sleepy). I wasn't quite ready to undress - I was enjoying my time en femme (never get enough). As sleepy as she was, I removed her covers, crawled up on top of her, started kissing her, she woke right up, lit up like an excited kid on Christmas morning and the rest is history. I can't always seduce my wife, but dressed as sexy as I was on Saturday, she can't resist.

    For the record - she's not in to women at all. She has a fascination with how a man can transform himself to appear as a woman. So there is no lesbian fantasy going on with her. If there was, I wouldn't mind at all. But I wanted to put that out there before anyone wondered if it was that angle that enhanced the sex for her.

    I almost forgot - of course, I enjoy it much more myself that way. Between the two of us, I can only describe the experience as a beautiful insanity. I'm not bragging or anything, just explaining the experience for us is something I can't really put in to words.

    Also for the record, my crossdressing is not all about sex, but the opportunity to have sex at some point while crossdressed is something I always hope for (and usually get ). Let's face it - a non-crossdressing man is always hoping for sex as well, is he not?

    I often wonder how boring the sex life of a "normal" married couple must be. Anyone else ever think like that?
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    Thanks to Gabrielle for the words "A beautiful insanity"
    It's easily that and maybe more, but there's not enough of the poet in me to come up with anything to top that.

    Does my dressing enhance sex with my SO?
    Double infinity affirmative to that. Absolutely yes.

    I've been out with her a little over a year. My whole body was shaking when we touched that first time.
    Still feels pretty darn good now too.

    What a breakthrough for our sex life when Shari finally emerged from the closet she had lived in for so many years.

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    Aspiring Member Jenniferpl's Avatar
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    My wife encourages me to put on something sexy. It seems I wear the clothing she is unable or unwilling to wear. All I have to do is wear nylons and garters to bed and within a few minutes she is in outer space. Once she gets there, keeping her there is were the fun is.

    Some of the fun is role reversal. For her to get what she needs, sometimes she has to undress me. My wife in not into other women at all but I believe this allows her the fantasy. As she says, what people do in their bedroom is their own business.

    Crossdressing, I have to believe, has enriched our love life. Without it, it would be boring.
    If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.

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    Junior Member Katie_'s Avatar
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    My gg g/f loves dressing me up, making me up, taking me out, etc. Only problem...well not really a problem...once she gets me all dolled up she is all worked up and trying to get us..well unclothed least its usually her clothes that come off first.....we both love the way silky hose on each of us feel rubbing together...and alot more that we cant talk about!

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    New Member KayAnn1618's Avatar
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    Wink Only in my mind

    We tried it together a long time ago but she just can't get into it. So we just enjoy each other as ourselves, but in my head I'm all dressed and made up with my hair across her lap.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Katie_ View Post
    Only problem...well not really a problem...once she gets me all dolled up she is all worked up and trying to get us..well unclothed again....
    I have the same issue now and again, ten minutes after I get dressed she asks me when she gets to ‘ruin’ me.

    I would have to say 100% yes to it improving our sex life, but then again I have found that 5” heels always spice things up in the bedroom no matter who is wearing them.

    The idea of better sex was one of the first things that we talked about after I told her about being a crossdresser. I told her very early in the relationship and she researched the subject and said that bringing crossdressing into the bedroom often leads to great sex. Who was I to argue with that!!!
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    New Member SometimesSiobhan's Avatar
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    In short, yes. However, not all the time. My wife needs to be my male self as well.

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    Senior Member Sally2005's Avatar
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    Well, I not officialy out to her, but on many halloweens I've dressed up and the bedroom activity is great... not sure if it is the CDing or the excitement of doing something a little 'dangerous'.

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    My wife always claims I am 'more intense' when dressed during sex, and she likes that intensity. Even without the dressing sex is still very good, so at a guess I would say it is 20% better with than without? For the record my wife is fine with my dressing and very supportive, but it is my thing, not hers. She is happy because it makes me happy, not because she is looking for a man who dresses.

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    Augusta, Ga.

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    Aspiring Member Carol A's Avatar
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    OH YES, but that was many a moon ago, me being dolled up was a hug turn on for my wife and she would have her way with me. But after openly dressing in front of her for 45 years it no longer turns her on.

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    There has been some fondling and sexy talk, but I have the suspicion that my wife does this for my benefit and that it doesn't do anything for her.

    Anyway, my favorite outfit for sex was and remains, well, nothing at all.


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    Aussie girl Tasha McIntyre's Avatar
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    Brisbane, Australia
    My dressing is a big turn off for my wife. She accepts what I do, but would rather it be kept out of her sight (unfortunately).

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    Silver Member JoAnne Wheeler's Avatar
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    First of all, my Spouse totally refuses to engage in sex while I am dressed I

    Secondly, I would prefer to dress for sen because I am more relaxed, more comfortable and find that I am able to focus on sex

    Thirdly, when I try to have sex, my mind is somewhere else (well I'm thinking about CDing - I would prefer to be the submissive mate

    JoAnne Wheeler

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    Member paulaluvssz8's Avatar
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    As for me it's a big turn on, And I have expressed that to my wife. She still has some major problems with the idea of me CDing. And ultimately for me it is about the sexual experience. But to answer your question. The times that I did dress for sex it was awesome for the both of us. Her response is still "I don't see what you get out of it". She has went as far as wearing my underwear(Male) for a day to see what it would do for her. She hated them. I said see I told you, yours is much more comfortable to wear.
    No, those are my Panties]

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    MaloriCross Malori Cross's Avatar
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    Same here, Tasha. But I make it a point to subtly remind my wife now & than that Malori is part of who I am.

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    When my wife and I make love, I like to wear a bra and panties. Bra has straps down, or open tip, or shelf bra. It enhances the moment!
    Life is too short; wear a sexy bra every day!

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    Gold Member DonnaT's Avatar
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    I'm not sure. My wife won't talk about it, but I do know she enjoys the result. And on a few occasions asked me to dress in a nighty. Now I wear one to bed all the time.

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    Just bein' me! krisinpink's Avatar
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    bad for her good for me

    My SO does not want me dressed at all when sex enters the picture.

    Myself, I know I'm better when dressed; I more enjoy how I feel, and work harder to please her.

    I think we could both benefit from bringing dressing into the bedroom.

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    This is a great question. Speaking for both my wife and me, I would say it's not really a sexual turn on for either of us. Sometimes we do have a little fun when I am dressed which usually involves me being submissive. It's kind of a fun role reversal, but not something we would want to do all the time.

    I don't feel my wife is really turned on by me being feminine, although she is very supportive. For my part, I don't think I perform as well while being feminine. There are too many distractions and things getting in the way like the wig, shoes, etc.

    In short I feel it adds something different to our relationship occasionally, but doesn't really enhance it.

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    we strive for perfection tall sam's Avatar
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    In and around the UK - no commiting here!
    My wife knows I enjoy dressing both for the relaxing side but also for the sentual side. I dont thing she is fully aware of how often I dress but knows I would like to do it more often. Once in a while we will play make and dress up and really have a very good and steamy "lesbian" evening. Lately life has got all a bit too stressfull and we are hardly even spending husband and wife time together so its probably pushing it too far expecting dress up sex.

    I do however feel that I get a far better feeling when I am dressed and sex in normal mode can be a bit uneventfull.


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    Making a life for Tina! suchacutie's Avatar
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    I'm not sure why we should expect any sensual enhancement as a trend, really. My heterosexual wife married a heterosexual guy. When Tina shows up, what's the interest? Tina's a girl, after all.


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    just Khelli mykhelee's Avatar
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    I would say it does enhance our relations when I am in femme. She is much more aggressive when I am dressed. She is not in a hurry to "ruin" me and we have much fun on the way to getting there. I am only dressed when "together" about 10% of the time but it is more than worth it. It is always good one way or the other.

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    DawnRodgers DawnRodgers's Avatar
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    Never going to happen. My wife really has no interest in Dawn in any way. The most we have done is play cards or a board game when I am dressed. Says she has no interest in being with a girl sexually

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