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That alone should make him feel better about the whole situation. I'm glad he has found such a nice and understanding girlfriend, nyaa.

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Are both of your parents American or is one of the Japanese? Because I think the origin might have rather a lot effect into their reaction. Also the way they were brought up etc. How are you parents usually with gay people and other not so normal poeple. If they don't seem to have anything against them, the chances are they are not going to take it badly are high.
nah, they're both white americans and i don't think they know any gay or "not so normal" people.. ah well, i've pretty much decided i'm not going to tell them this time around. maybe ever. we'll see how far this relationship goes first

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If you both are truly serious about the matter, of you two loving each other. I don't really think there are any parents who would get mad about it. Anyway, it has to be told sooner or later, there is no way around that.
yeah that's what i'm banking on if eventually things ever come out~

thanks for the input!