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  1. An update, aspergers, and therapy
  2. Some Good News :)
  3. Are you a feminist?
  4. Height
  5. what made you deside you wanted to be male ?
  6. Interesting Topic About Pronouns...
  7. Crazy!
  8. Kids?
  9. I Have A Date For Lower Surgery!!!
  10. Choose your name carefully
  11. Names you may wish to avoid
  12. Urinal Rules - Helpful video for the new transman
  13. Thoughts Leading Upto GRS !!!!
  14. Quite Disappointed..
  15. What do you like most about being a guy? (FtM only)
  16. Would a transman ever consider a CDr as a partner
  17. im new to this
  18. and F2M intersted in M2F
  19. I'm Going In GRS 13/9/09
  20. "She"
  21. Update From Felix
  22. Endos - Did you have to have an invasive exam to get HRT?''
  23. High school strips transgender teen of homecoming king title
  24. Friendship Heartache
  25. Why?
  26. not so new, but here now
  27. Does it make you angry (Transmen Only)
  28. A bit about me...
  29. just starting out
  30. Divine Decision(aimed both FTM, MTF)
  31. (FTMs ONLY please) - FTMs and the lesbian community...
  32. More questions
  33. oh yay, my therapist is a trans-phobe
  34. An open message to all Transmen (and ALL crossdressers on this site)
  35. Male Bonding (Transmen ONLY)
  36. A simple question, Please just Transmen to reply
  37. What makes a FtM CDer feel sexy?
  38. Dating
  39. Thanks
  40. Approaching a possible Transman
  41. Hormones
  42. Choosing a binder
  43. Goals and Dreams (for Transmen ONLY please)
  44. I Have A Date For My Chest Reconstruction :)
  45. An Apology
  46. Any Transmen dressing up for Halloween?
  47. Thanks
  48. Single T-guys? (not a hookup attempt, lol... and FTM only please)
  49. FtM on the George Washington University women's basketball team
  50. Free!!!
  51. To Tell Or Not To Tell....
  52. FTM and straight...
  53. When you literally can't transition for health reasons (for guys and girls...)
  54. question
  55. I,ve had my Chest Reconstruction :):):)
  56. hormones
  57. Where am I going?
  58. Happy turkey day
  59. 2nd Stage of Lower Surgery Next Week :)
  60. What kind of man are YOU? (trans guys only)
  61. Seen this book?
  62. Things that make you wonder.
  63. Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas FTM and transmasculine people. :)
  64. Happy Birthday, Mistunderstood!
  65. Power to the NoHo, Non-Op!
  66. Mothers & Misandry
  67. A funny thing happened the other day...
  68. What about Transguys and Sports? (FTM only, please)
  69. Glee
  70. Bill boards that are just plain wrong.
  71. A problem with my preference vs. my identity (MtF's are welcome to reply too)
  72. Stage 3 Lower Surgery on the 12th of April :)
  73. Still Here
  74. Fake Leg Hair?
  75. Target Shooting
  76. Cooking who here like to cook? FTM only please.
  77. Hi
  78. Female to male crossdressing tips?
  79. Stage Three Lower Surgery Complete :-)
  80. For the lulz x]
  81. STP Packer Harnesses?
  82. Random crying episodes.
  83. hi
  84. A funny post from Craigslist - How to be the best BUTCH you can be ...
  85. Wish me luck... / Update - KEMH & hysto surgery
  86. Fourth Chest procedure Done :-)
  87. For all the No-Ho/No-Op Transmen here...
  88. Came Out To My Sister Today....
  89. Planking the new fad.
  90. T-shirt weather and having to bind again
  91. Hi guys
  92. FTM 9 months on HRT
  93. Stage 4 Lower Surgery 22nd of July :-)
  94. Favorite Fantasy Creature? [FTM only, please]
  95. Meditations, revelations, and sweet silence
  96. Impatient (for MTF & FTM)
  97. Please advise me
  98. Work uniform
  99. Just a general F2M question
  100. Recovering From Final Lower Surgery :-)
  101. Emergency Admission Post Erectile Device :-(
  102. Today is a big day for me (x-posted for those who don't have access to my T-journal).
  103. Going out of my mind
  104. Just not ready yet?
  105. Self-medication
  106. Transmen section additional rules. Please read.
  107. Should I take advantage of this?
  108. Hospital tomorrow!
  109. Home from hospital :D (Long update LOL)
  110. Psychological effects of surgery
  111. Transman on X Factor Australia!!! :D
  112. Getting a passport made easier for sex and gender diverse people in Australia
  113. Question on menopause(GG's and transmen answers only please)
  114. Chest Revision Done :-)
  115. Major celebrations today!
  116. With a heavy heart.
  117. The Smell of Sex
  118. First Surgery Scheduled For December
  119. silly question.but relivant
  120. Feeling Very Alone in the World
  121. Feeling terrible
  122. Binding and acid reflux/upper stomach issues... could there be a connection?
  123. Happy turkie day.
  124. Good for a laugh.
  125. Pre Op Consultation
  126. 2nd Attempt at Erectile device Done:-)
  127. The cookie madness begins
  128. Curious about FTM incidence (OK, not a great thread title!)
  129. Self Betrayal?
  130. Got a question why the seperation
  131. Excellent rebuttal to the Girlscout Boycott Transphobia from a talented FtM
  132. 4 week PO check at Harley Street
  133. Can you do me a favour? Guys and girls :-)
  134. Back (again)
  135. FTM co-worker
  136. How to address a Transman
  137. Might transition after all!
  138. Do FTM's have their own version of the "Creepy chasers"
  139. Hello Everyone, Stopping by again after quite some time.
  140. New toy
  141. Busy day.
  142. I have a question. Anyone is welcome to answer.
  143. Exciting News. :)
  144. Few questions if you don't mind - TRANSMEN TO ANSWER PLEASE
  145. I have a new addition to the family.
  146. Trans Talk Radio Show in Kansas City
  147. Name Change on College Transcripts
  148. our daughter
  149. Small Town Security
  150. New hobby
  151. What does it mean to be male? (all are welcome, but specifically requesting FtM)
  152. Male Mannerisms?
  153. I want to be a man but I also want to be with men?
  154. Curiosity...
  155. Just wondering if I can ask a few questions? FtM answers.
  156. tried are heard of THE CENTURION procedure ?
  157. Do you date or have a relationship?
  158. Catch Up After A Long Absence......
  159. A compelling read
  160. I found this in our paper this Morning
  161. Question for F2Ms about "T" hormone therapy - Does period stop?
  162. Hello to all the people who are watching this section.
  163. Do you get any.
  164. A bit lost and looking for advice
  165. A Quick Up Date and a Few Other Things :)
  166. Am I a bigender or genderfluid?
  167. 10 Handsome Men (Who Were Born Female)
  168. "What's Normal Anyway": a webcomic about being trans male!
  169. How much the perception of the world changed when you discovered you were a trans/CD?
  170. Male transvestite born female
  171. Transitioning Questions
  172. Hi Felix Here Catch Up
  173. Hello to all those who are reading.
  174. Tell me about you
  175. Where's all the guys gone??
  176. What you think about gender? What it is and what it means to you?
  177. Hair dilemma: Any help appreciated
  178. Hair
  179. Men's or women's deodorant?
  180. I'm confused...
  181. Happiness!
  182. Tried dressing more me again. XP Success!
  183. I dressed up today...What do you think?
  184. Neither, yet both?
  185. So, something funny happened at the store yesterday....
  186. I'm happy but my dog's terrified!? XD
  187. Beards really do make a difference
  188. STP's? I have SO many giggles right now! XD
  189. I fail at being a [insert birth gender here] because...
  190. Do you love who you are?
  191. Funny story about going out :)
  192. Not liking girl clothes anymore?
  193. So, I've started a video blog...
  194. FTMMagazine?
  195. Feeling a little down today....I didn't pass
  196. FtM/lesbian couple refused entry to a lesbian Valentine's dance...
  197. Does anyone else feel this awesome?
  198. New to this forum
  199. My dad called me by the right pronoun!!!! 0o0
  200. Just came out as trans* to my dad!
  201. How can I pull this off?
  202. My girl wants a suit
  203. Gender and Perception
  204. I broke my binder and I laughed
  205. What's up everyone?
  206. Going to church, trans
  207. Epic Dream
  208. Was messing around with random effects XP
  209. Shortening Your Period
  210. Alright this is one of my biggest worries..
  211. MTF and FTM ,,How does it feel
  212. Apparently, I was so far in the closet I emerged in Narnia...
  213. Shock of my Life...
  214. There aren't many transguys are there lol
  215. I'm not androgynous enough?
  216. Went to a drag king show
  217. The Boy vs The Girl
  218. I would like to share something important for the first time.
  219. Dealing with hate...
  220. C'mon people!!
  221. Binding vs. Wearing a Bra
  222. Referral
  223. So I'm dating a trans man
  224. Enquiry regarding bottom surgery in FTM
  225. Not sure where I fit in...
  226. Genderqueer question :)
  227. question from mtf cd
  228. Do FTM CDs wear panties or men's underwear?
  229. Calling all boys out there - I need some help
  230. How's everyone been?
  231. I have a New Nephew!
  232. Still stuck on behavior vs. identity
  233. Guess who's back?
  234. What do you love about yourself today?
  235. What's your style and how much does it reflect who you are?
  236. Bit of an into, bit of needing help
  237. Trans People! I need your thoughts!
  238. I could use some advice on pants
  239. Feedback Requested - Creation of new Sub forum - Gender Fluid / Non Binary Issues
  240. Basic starter clothes for FtM
  241. christmas idea please help asap
  242. Advise on where to possibly obtain a binder in the UK (quickly)
  243. Sir or Ma'am?
  244. FM feels like a M being a FM?
  245. In case you need some info.
  246. FTM migrain issues
  247. My Apologies
  248. I have a question that can't be answered anywhere else!
  249. Transmasculine representation in film
  250. Welcome to any new Trans Men