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  1. Going Home
  2. Today I got some disturbing news from the Michigan DMV
  3. Lipstick and stuffed lions
  4. Question on Spiro
  5. Help me fast please
  6. Non-Profit organization-Need thoughts.
  7. New V.A. guidelines for transgender patients
  8. The Sustenance Issue Among TS
  9. I didn't really know where to go with this.
  10. Update on hrt
  11. Gatekeepers Gate
  12. Exhausting debate
  13. Scared, Confused, and Obsessed . . . .
  14. Voice programs
  15. VICTORY is MINE!!!
  16. The Paper Trail
  17. Opinions on SRS?
  18. Weight loss and ability to blend in.
  19. I feel alone . . . .
  20. Outing myself
  21. Considering Beauty School and suggestion from one of the schools
  22. Some things my new therapist said concerned me. (opinions please)
  23. Sexuality and hormones question
  24. Do you know anyone?
  25. Three Weeks Out
  26. She's Back
  27. Is transition optional?
  28. parallel lives
  29. Halloween at work?
  30. Are Cis-man, cis-woman, trans-man and trans-woman the only genders?
  31. I just an odd thought
  32. Sage: an organisation helping older GLBT to cope with end of life issues.
  33. We win one finally
  34. The Frustrations of Dating
  35. Ffs
  36. I Made It This Far
  37. Is Surgery in Bangkok Out of the Question Now?
  38. Another Coming out thread with a twist
  39. My reaction to latest therapy session
  40. Miss Representation on OWN
  41. Life is good finally
  42. A really helpful video for developing your Female Voice
  43. I don't want to be trans
  44. One step forward three steps back
  45. It's Raining and I Have a New Umbrella - In Other Words, What Am I?
  46. Once You Transition, This is How You Should Act & What You Have to Look Forward To:
  47. Travel Insurance - Gender issues.
  48. Why do people feel an obligation to telling a potential date/relationship?
  49. Searching help needed for gender therapist
  50. K. D. Lang
  51. it has been 3 hours since I got home from my first counselling session.
  52. First (this time around) appointment
  53. I have a friend - A woman makes room for another on the middle path
  54. Had a talk with wife!
  55. just got done with a "friend" over yahoo.
  56. Question regarding a penectomy
  57. Does the depression hit late?
  58. Sort of a unique problem? or Im not sure how to explain
  59. I think I am "passing"
  60. This might make the GGs mad but...
  61. How To Go About Moving Forward
  62. What do YOU do at the Gym?
  63. Not today!
  64. Coming out
  65. TV show that might be good
  66. It's news to me
  67. Separate TS & IS from TG umbrella
  68. Tattoo's Post Transition
  69. retirement parties
  70. One more tiny step to freedom
  71. Took a BIG step today
  72. As I keep saying... the times they are a changing :)
  73. Transition steps and sequence
  74. came out
  75. the detecting seems to come in waves
  76. My FFS with Dr. Spiegel...off on a sour note...
  77. The future of SRS?
  78. Some personal observations on HRT
  79. Birth certificate
  80. Its been 5 yrs with this forum!
  81. Car Insurance During and After Transition
  82. What Should I Do
  83. Has Anyone Been Successful in Getting a NEW Social Security Number After Tansition?
  84. What makes you Trans?
  85. So far a GREAT day!
  86. HRT Questions Ref: Health, Success and Afraid
  87. The future of transitioning
  88. Coming out idear....SUCCESS!
  89. Testosterone blockers
  90. HRT & blood pressure
  91. how far will parts shrink
  92. Passing of Lois Bates, trans activist
  93. Is being transsexual a need or a want?
  94. Gender Therapists
  95. Roller coaster fatigue
  96. This paranoia kills me.
  97. To Be Judged revised
  98. Anyone know of follow-up research?
  99. Funny thing happened today!
  100. Teddy stays in the pram
  101. Anti-Androgens Questions -
  102. A sign of progress?
  103. Came Out and Saw a Gender Therapist
  104. are you a boy or a girl?
  105. Therapist Suggested HRT
  106. effects of depression on transexualism
  107. What the ....
  108. Good to be back
  109. To all My friends!
  110. Hrm...Male? Female? What impact has it had?
  111. Supplements
  112. The Big Lie
  113. Sexuality & Dating under the "Umbrella".
  114. Which is more life affirming, SRS or FFS?
  115. Epic week: The beginning of my transition
  116. Had a GREAT night!
  117. The 2nd or 3rd worst thing in the world...
  118. HRT Question: All Good So Far
  119. Sad News
  120. I’ve been thinking … yea, I know that can be dangerous.
  121. Bitter Sweet - Meltdown with wife
  122. writing
  123. Exciting news I ordered my first hormones
  124. One of our members is about to get an early Christmas present
  125. HRT: So close and yet so far away
  126. Well, it's official. Sorta...
  127. Exploratory Steps: Outing myself on Facebook to a very tiny number of people. Sort of
  128. Today was a BIG DAY!
  129. Wife's comment at airport security
  130. What does being transexual mean?
  131. I would like your thoughts, please
  132. Just to EXCITED!
  133. Books?
  134. In the hospital again...
  135. Lung cancer and estrogen
  136. transitioning with out hormones
  137. Oh Wow... something positive...
  138. Should I be wearing a bra?
  139. Had some time to think!
  140. Advice please? (possible new relationship)
  141. Confused and in pain!
  142. Its Time
  143. Required in formation for my treatment(Horomones)
  144. coping techniques for escapism?
  145. Jerks!
  146. Transexual Orgasm - Limbic System Reaction
  147. Today is my 1 year anniversary!!
  148. i am happy
  149. That is not supposed to happen!
  150. Awakenings later in life
  151. from do I pass to "boy, do I pass"
  152. Therapy
  153. Cryin' time
  154. Here is some thing new for me on my 700th post!
  155. Not a big event, but it felt strange at the time
  156. Cost of Transgender Health Benefits
  157. new experience / drunk guys
  158. Best friend finally makes contact.
  159. What a night!
  160. Probably an old question, but - since when do you know, that you are transsexual?
  161. My braniac sister :)
  162. Im transexual.
  163. Twins - one TS, one not
  164. Charing Cross
  165. Do woman and men shake hands differently?
  166. Great Morning!
  167. A bit confused...
  168. Transitioning: Under Scientific Documentation
  169. Hrm, sick and the therapist calls.
  170. Coming Out
  171. 6 month followup
  172. Today was Interesting!
  173. Watershed moment
  174. My mother rejects me, but my father keeps shocking me!
  175. Let's Try This Again
  176. I would change my answer . . . .
  177. I don't know why Im transexual.
  178. Friends are GREAT!
  179. Rough day today
  180. The Days of Fear
  181. Scheduled my first therapy appointment.
  182. What Five Years Hve Taught Me.
  183. Went to a party tonight picked out a future girl.
  184. What do MTF transsexuals mean when we say that we cannot live as men?
  185. Are you up to the challenge?
  186. FFS with Dr Speigle 1/17/12 less than a month!
  187. Not sure what to call this?
  188. Life is good sometimes.....
  189. When I tell my parents Im transl, is it advised against me having a friend with me?
  190. The stupid little things
  191. Transgendered?
  192. What a Fabulous Day!!!!
  193. Just Wondering?
  194. Pastor
  195. Holiday party
  196. Divorce final today
  197. You never can know
  198. The spiro is kicking my ass
  199. What happened meeting the wife today?
  200. Evolution
  201. got my labs back
  202. Had the "talk" with my son
  203. New year's eve party...I am excited
  204. Hosptal For Christmas. :O(
  205. Merry Christmas
  206. Holy crap it hurts D:
  207. Told my SO
  208. Being a woman in a crowed mall with my oldest daughter!
  209. A long past due encounter with my first therapy session!
  210. I know transgender laws protect us from being fired, but what about contracts?
  211. Difference between transgendered and a crossdresser
  212. What's Your Transgendered Related New Year's Resolution?
  213. Out to an old friend
  214. Why didnt I ever get GID Part 2
  215. Happy New Year!
  216. It does get better
  217. Question for ftm's re: Xxy in lieu of xx
  218. Sometimes I Stare . . . .
  219. Saw my therapist for the first time. Yay~!
  220. Happy New Year!
  221. Emotions
  222. Cried
  223. Can't put up with this no more - it is not funny
  224. What a Great Start to the New Year!
  225. It was a sad moment!
  226. Job applications:What should I check, Male or Female?
  227. Letting Her Know I'm a CD'r
  228. Hospital Again??
  229. Another Step Out
  230. These patches suck
  231. I received my first F
  232. Something must give but I will not
  233. Trans 101, 10 things not to say to a trans person
  234. Therapist: LMFT? (Plus an Emotional Release)
  235. A smile and a worry
  236. To All The Thin Freaks And Gym Junkies.
  237. First time out en femme!
  238. Who are your literary character role models
  239. What a WONDERFUL DAY!
  240. excting times happening!
  241. Don't Laugh At Me
  242. Is this really worth it?
  243. HRT and weight (particularly for thin people)
  244. I HATE mirrors...
  245. Empathy & empathy quotient test
  246. A myriad of emotions
  247. Female enough!?
  248. My Sister Knew!
  249. Getting a piece of that lost girlhood...
  250. Coming out as Transgendered wasn'y as bad as I thought